Israeli expansionism is key driver of violence

end israeli occupation

The recurring episodes of violence are the inevitable consequence of 48 years of illegal occupation and settlement-building.

  • luna

    Arabian peninsula 1,250,000^2 mi
    Israel 8,019^2 mi

  • marty_p

    Many Jews were murdered and forced out of Hebron in 1929 by rioting Arabs ending centuries of Jewish residence there. So it what way is it an occupation when Jews return to their homes? The “occupation” is simply another anti-Israel myth.

    • Brett_McS

      I watched a BBC piece about the situation in Hebron. Obviously BBCiased but at least they did spend time with the Israelis there and let them speak. The determination in these people is unbelievable. I predict that Hebron will eventually be majority Jewish again, although I have no sense of the time that will take.

    • Alain

      The sole occupation is the Arab one.

  • I thought it was a satirical headline at first. Hard to believe that a British newspaper would publish such rubbish.

  • Oracle9

    Mention the truth, that the Koran as the source of the problem, and my lefty friends can’t handle it.

    Oh, and, being Canadian, if I didn’t have lefties for friends I don’t think I would have any at all.

  • Reader

    Judea and Samaria were called “disputed territories” because Jordan, created in 1946 two years later illegally seized the areas in a war against the new country of Israel colonized the area with its people and tore down a number of synagogues in East Jerusalem.

    The original mandate for Palestine was for the area now made up of Israel and Jordan to all be one Jewish state, but due to threats from the surrounding Arabs, Jordan which was 70% Muslim was carved out of it to be a Muslim country, and what was left to become Israel was 70% Jewish and more than half of the rest Christian. So there already is a Two State Solution, called Jordan and Israel.

    In 1967 as part of a planned invasion by neighbouring countries to wipe out Israel as a country Israel, won back its lands, lost 18 years earlier. Jordan publicly gave up any legal claims to those lands.

    There was never a country called Palestine only a League of Nations “mandate” ruled by the British and historically when people were called Palestinians during the years of the “mandate” people were usually thinking of Jews or Christians living there. It was only the propaganda after losing the 1967 war that created the new Arab “Palestinian People”.

    To give up Judea and Samaria to a terrorist group whether they called themselves the PLO (created by Cairo born Yassar Arafat) or the Palestinian Authority, is insanity.