Islam battled the West twice – will it do so again?

In 1979, a great Parisian writer named Emil Cioran, imagined the Islamization of France. “The French will not wake up until the Notre Dame cathedral becomes a mosque”, wrote Cioran. One day this writer entered into the Paris Metro and came out with two pages on the end of France, comparing it to Imperial Rome overwhelmed by barbarians.

“In the metro, one evening, I looked carefully all around me; they were all foreigners. The same show in London (…) Once a people has completed the historical mission that embodied it, it no longer has any reason to preserve its own unique difference. Having ruled both hemispheres, Westerners are ready to become ghosts condemned to a condition of the marginalized, the last, white.”

Cioran was convinced that Western civilization was going be defeated and that this decline was due to its decadent lifestyle.

He was right.