Why the ICM poll of British Muslims shows we need to defend our values more than ever

You probably skipped past it on the news pages last week. I know I did. Why bother reading about yet another case when the details are so numbingly familiar? Let me guess.

Ten or twelve men of Pakistani origin? Check. Grooming and pimping? Check. White girls in care or from chaotic homes coerced into sexual slavery? Check. Vile and sadistic crimes that “defy description”? Check. Jail sentences of up to 25 years that astonish the men in the dock because they don’t think what they did was bad? Again, spot on.

Back in February, in the case before this case, a gang of men of Pakistani origin were jailed for 143 years in Bradford. A Muslim councillor said that some in “the community” felt that “it takes two to tango”. The girl had “played her part”. The girl was fourteen and had learning difficulties when she became the plaything of a hundred men.

Some tango.

h/t Dr. J