Denmark, a social welfare utopia, takes a nasty turn on refugees


This Scandinavian nation of compulsively friendly people is celebrated by U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as a ­social-welfare utopia, one that was recently judged the world’s happiest place. Ranking high in the country’s pantheon of heroes are those who protected Jews during the Holocaust or who helped the oppressed escape from behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

But when it has come to those fleeing 21st-century conflicts on Europe’s doorstep, Denmark has gone into overdrive to broadcast its hostility. While Germany continues to welcome asylum seekers, and other European countries such as Sweden held their doors open for as long as they could, Denmark has taken a hard line almost from the beginning.

  • I don’t know that “nasty” is the word I would have used.

    • tom_billesley

      ….. “hasty” is the word I’d have used

      • Kathy Prendergast

        The Washington Post calls it “nasty”; I call it “intelligent”.

  • bill smith

    Note to Sanders…. yes, Denmark does have some good social programs and it is paid for by a mere 22% corporate tax rate (vs 35 to 47% in the US).

  • Gary

    Someone help Louise Arbour get her head out of the glue bag and take a good look at the picture and count the women in it. She insisted that these migrants are women and children.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Canada so far is accepting only women, children, and families from Syria, no single men, but that’s probably only because of the Paris attacks…Trudeau probably realized that opening the country wholesale right after that carnage would have been political suicide.

  • felis gracilis

    “And according to the far-right party that holds the balance of power in the Danish Parliament, it’s what she deserves…”
    There’s that phrase again: “far-right”, reflexively used by journos to describe any party that is actually nationalist even if much of its program is borrowed from the social welfare left.