Saudi Arabia’s religious police stripped of authority to arrest Sharia violators

The Saudi government issued new regulations for the religious police operating in the state Tuesday, taking away the organization’s authority to arrest and persecute citizens for not adhering to Sharia law in their daily lives.

The unprecedented Saudi move came as a result of growing local criticism of the police and the way it performs its role as the defender of Sharia law in the state.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The devil made me do it…

    • bob e

      in depth analysis, i would say ..

  • Alexi

    The Saudis veer Left. Oh my… The Right wingers don’t know what to say! They’re too busy passing bathroom Sharia legislation.

    • Brett_McS

      You may be confusing ‘left’ with ‘liberal’. These days The Left is definitely not liberal.

      • Alexi

        As a Liberal, I’d say Left is still closer to Liberal than the Right is.

        But I’d certainly not say that “Progressive” is Liberal. I don’t what the F that is.

  • Raymond Cameron

    The police were arresting too many Royal Violators…

  • bob e

    it matters not
    if Trump is not elected, we will be talkin’ the
    same ole game right here next year. if no blasphamy of islam
    laws are passed by the congress & the UN .. that is.

  • john700

    The liberal media (98% of the Canadian media) will tell you that this was the request made by Trudeau government in order to issue the export permits for the Saudi arms deal. He’s a genius!

  • huron

    let me get this lav and arms. is this toilets and mannequin parts?

  • huron

    oops sarc

  • Barrington Minge

    What is the collective noun for ragheads?