Out Of The Closet? ISIS calls for Death of Canadian Imams who hate Jews and Gays in Dabiq Issue 14

Gee, this is confusing. ISIS is calling for the death of Canadian Imams Bilal Philips and Hakim Quick, two of Canada’s most respected Muslim scholars for the crime of apostasy and choosing the wrong side in Islam’s civil war. I guess it could be on account that they are excellent examples of PM Useful Idiot’ s “Shared Canadian Values with Islam”.


First up is Bilal Philips. That would be Bilal “Death to Homosexuals” Philips.

Here’s a little about info about Bilal Philips and his views on Gays… Courtesy Licia Corbella

“Bilal Philips is on the record as saying all male homosexuals should face the “punishment for deviant behaviour . . . which is death”

Here’s a more recent article on Bilal Philips, It discusses a curriculum he has authored that is used in schools the United States:

The Bilal Philips curriculum ought not to be taught in the U.S., Canada or anywhere else. While the new study estimates it is used in only around a half-dozen North American schools, the texts are available online to all. The curriculum associates the West with social ills and immorality, portrays Muslims as under constant threat, and advocates for the imposition of Islam while viewing Judaism and Christianity antagonistically. This is clearly not acceptable.

They also call for the death of Hakim Quick, perhaps Bilal Philips’ only rival for preeminence in Canadian Islamic scholarship.

Quick doesn’t like Jews very much, in fact he calls them filth. He has had some nasty things to say about Gays as well.

Here’s a snapshot of Quick’s views…

“Tonight’s speaker at the Islamic society is named Abdullah Hakim Quick (true, even though, I know, it sounds more like an order).  The Islamic society students at King’s will be able to hear many wise things from him, including, perhaps, his past pronouncements that gays should be killed, and that Jews and other non-Muslims are “filth”. More details here.

Oh the horror that two such exemplar’s of Justin Trudeau’s ideal of a vibrant multicultural and diverse Canada should be so targeted!

Here’s a screen shot of the page referencing Philips and Quick in Dabiq 14.

Philips and Quick Dabiq 14

Here is the entire issue of Dabiq 14 at the link below.

Dabiq Issue 14