‘Great, captured on Thanksgiving Day, killed on my Mom’s birthday’: ISIS hostage John Cantlie reveals the final words of beheaded fellow captive James Foley

British ISIS captive John Cantlie has revealed the haunting final words fellow hostage James Foley uttered minutes before he was executed by the bloodthirsty terror group.

According to the newest edition of the group’s propaganda magazine Dabiq, Mr Foley uttered: ‘Great, captured on Thanksgiving Day, killed on my Mom’s birthday’, before being led to his death.

War photographer Mr Cantlie, 45, was captured alongside Foley in Syria in November 2012 but has been kept alive by the group for propaganda purposes.

You can read Cantlie’s piece here in Dabiq issue 14.

Dabiq Issue 14

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    What vile animals not only ISIS are, but what vile creatures all Muslums are that do not specifically denounce ISIS and Islamic terrorism publicly and often.
    That would be about 99.9999999% of Muslums in the world.
    Yes, I checked my math and it’s accurate!
    No, really!
    That’s the world population of Muslums vs. the Muslums that have publicly spoke against Islamic terrorism and violence in the last year, and who RELIABLY do so after most Islamic terror attrocities.
    Yes, it’s really that bad!

  • Shebel

    I can’t even to begin to imagine what goes thru the mind of a man as he sits on bended knee with the full knowledge that he is being filmed for propaganda purposes by an enemy that is about to slowly cut his throat with a dull knife.
    Does this beheaded man know that his own Country is bringing the animals that slaughtered him in as new New Citizens – and that he is long forgotten-
    Within a few Years.
    This could be a horror movie—- but it is Not.
    It is real life.