Expert: Most official “counter-terrorism” targets “far-right extremists,” NOT Muslim terrorists


Retired Major Stephen Coughlin explains how the US and other Western nations, while pretending to be carrying out “counter-terrorism,” are actually creating tools to attack “far right extremists,” who they view as the “real” enemy.

  • Hell yea, we are way more a threat!

    • Raymond Hietapakka

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Who says that the west is incapable of accurate threat assessment?

    Maybe they realize that once we figure out “the game” that they have been running on us for the last 50-years, Islam will be the least of their problems.
    When the “other guy” seemingly acts irrational out of the blue, maybe, just maybe he has better information than you do and really is using that against your interests.
    We have spent the last 50-years being “managed”.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Hence, Trump.
      Why does it take a New York billionaire to expose the fakes on the left and the right?
      My list of blogs has shrunk considerably since Trump blew their cover.
      Trump is talking up coal in Pittsburgh right now.
      Well, maybe not right now, I paused for a bit.
      The Stanley Cup playoffs just started tonight.
      Had to pause for Coach’s Corner.

  • The problem is the Islamists are in fact “far-right extremists”. They’re certainly not on the Left — I don’t see them Jonesin’ for Tranny bathrooms.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      First off, conservatives are not far right extremists.
      It’s a total mischaracterization of what conservatives are.
      We want the government to hew to their original mandate.
      That was to keep their hands out of our wallets, leave us the fuck alone, protect the nation and stamp out corruption.
      Instead we have a social engineering kleptocracy.
      Islamists are totalitarians to the right of the leftist totalitarians.
      The left right argument has always been fake.
      And it has to be recognized as such.

      • Alexi

        You just want the Gov to”leave us the fuck alone? Swell. Here’s a few pointers..M

        I’ll believe that when you get the F out of my bathroom, my bedroom and my marriage, and women’s wombs; or stop demanding people on welfare pee in a cup to get their food money. Reading everyone’s e-mail and storing their “meta-data” “just in case” FOREVER.

        Please DO leave us all the F alone.

        Stamp out corruption? roflmao!!! Launching wars in the name of private profits? Claiming torture is “enhanced interroragtion” Maybe we can give the Banks more money huh? That’s a nifty idea. Maybe we can just claim that Corporations are people too right? Maybe the zillionaires with their offshore accounts need to whine about more tax “relief”.

        The Right is the most hypocritical bunch of smarmy hooligan Taliban; minus the cheer, the humor or the Justice.

        • Only one question: why are you jealous of zillionaires? Been “poor” most of my life (with a couple of “wealth” interludes in between) — never occurred to me to get mad at the zillionaires about it because there’s no causal connection.

          • Alexi

            No jealousy. I just don’t think they NEED nor deserve the “tax relief” touted by the Republican party.

          • So what sweat is that off your back? Everybody gets tax breaks — nobody pays 100% taxes. And in a graduated system (the current system) the poor get the biggest break of all — they pay 0% taxes.

        • Millie_Woods

          When you leftist pukes get the fuck out of our schools, leave our kids alone, quit feeding your race-war fantasies and quit taking my fucking money and giving it to people I HATE. After that we’ll get some psychiatrists to examine why most of your demands involve bathrooms, vagina, pee and weird sex. FOAD jackass.

          • Alexi

            Actually it’s you RETARDS that are making a big deal about bathrooms and about people’s sex lives. Cuz? You can’t get any probably. It’s your obsession. You deal with it.

            As for “taking your fucking money and giving it to people you HATE”. Well, that what happens when tax money gets spent to keep your streets clean and your armies ready. Don’t like it? Move.

            You can always HATE from someplace else. In fact I doubt you’ll have any difficulty. After all, it’s what you’re best at isn’t it.

          • Minicapt
          • Millie_Woods

            You cant stop talking about bathrooms and sex can you? We were cleaning streets and raising armies long before you leftist maggots came along, and did a better job too. The only army you creeps have is welfare collecting tax lice, Black Losers Matter and freaks who can’t figure out what bathroom to use.

            And yes I hate you and everyone like you and I’m not moving anywhere. Get that out of your fucking head.

          • Hi Alexi, I could ban you now if you wish. Cut the personal attacks, it doesn’t improve your arguments.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I’ll do you the courtesy of acknowledging you while I consider how to word my reply.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Point by point.
          -If they made all bathrooms singles then there wouldn’t be an issue.
          -I don’t care what you do in your bedroom with whoever chooses to be there with you.
          -Marriage: Every kid deserves a mom and a dad no matter how shitty their parents are. I believe it is a human right that trumps any adult’s rights.
          -Wombs: Rape is not a socially acceptable reproductive strategy, and as much as that is going to piss people off, abortion is mandated in such circumstances. Also, if women are going to choose abortion then they should not have to go see a butcher like Kermit Gosnell.
          -Welfare people peeing in a cup: You could have a point. High functioning drug addicts do hold down jobs for years. Seems drug use is a non sequitur in that equation.
          -Meta data: the bigger the government the more they want it. It’s not like we haven’t heard a case of the CIA or the FBI wanting to break into someone’s phone over the last eight years. Or the last eight fucking days.
          -Wars in the name of private profits: Bush was an idiot for going into Iraq because those people will never choose democracy.
          -Torture is defined differently by different cultures. They aren’t equivalent.
          -Banks: I hate the banks. There used to be a time when people and businesses saved their own money and were their own banks. Now they all use credit.
          -Corporations aren’t people and they pass taxes on to their customers.
          -Offshore accounts exist because taxes are too high in this country.

          The last point is that we are not the Right.
          We are Conservative and we don’t want to control your life.
          Just keep the world safe.
          And if you make stupid choices and fuck up your life then maybe you can work your way back.
          Instead of living inside a totalitarian leftist prison of dependency on government.

          • Alexi

            YOUR party made bathrooms an issue.

            Every kid deserves a mom and a dad? Really? What if they don’t have one of each? Are you gonna pas another law? maybe if it’s two guys you could just change one of em?

            Rape: “abortion is mandated in such circumstances.” Too many right winger disagree with you.

            “Torture is defined differently by different cultures. They aren’t equivalent.”
            Ahem… there are LAWS. And if you know anything about waterboarding it was deemed torture quite some time ago.

            Bush did NOT go into Iraq to create Democracy. He went in for the Oil. It’s documented.

            In America, the Right considers Corporations are people.

            Offshore accounts exist not because taxes are too high, but because people ALWAYS try tro cheat the system.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            -No your party did. Opposing pedophiles pissing in the same room with my daughter was the push back.
            -Not going to debate ‘Really?’ It’s not up for debate.
            -Doesn’t matter if they disagree with me.
            -Bush said he went into Iraq to bring them the choice for democracy. If he went in for the oil then he did a shitty job because the Chinese scooped up a lot of the oil contracts. If he went in for the oil he should have taken it.
            -If the system was set up more like it was a hundred years ago where people took care of themselves and only paid fifteen percent of their earnings in consumption and income taxes instead of the fifty percent that everyone does now then maybe that incentive to offshore would disappear.

          • Alexi

            I thank you for your repsonse. And admittedly, Conservative is different from Right Wing. It’s not nearly as nasty. But it’s got a whole lot of overlap I disagree with.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            You’re rare in that you actually want to have a discussion.
            I’ll let you know a little of where I came from.
            My parents got divorced when I was six and I’ve rarely seen my father for the last forty years.
            I got a stepdad after that who I thank for raising me even if he was a high functioning drug addict.
            As it was, I wasn’t the chosen one after my half brother came along and they did every passive aggressive thing they could do to get me out of the house after I turned eighteen.
            They did aggressive aggressive things, too, like charging me rent when they had a hundred grand coming in during the mid eighties.
            I left when I was eighteen.
            My broken brother and my broken sister didn’t leave that house until they were twenty seven and beyond redemption.
            Whatever I have is mine.
            Everything I have gotten out of the world and earned since I was a kid is mine.
            I have succeeded in spite of my spotty origins.
            It’s only now that my relatives are getting sick and telling stories that I realize how much the deck was stacked against me when I was a kid.

          • Alexi

            I thank you for your repsonse. And admittedly, Conservative is different from Right Wing. It’s not nearly as nasty. But it’s got a whole lot of overlap I disagree with.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          By the way, Alexi, nice talking to you.
          You actually talk instead of engaging in the tribalism so inherent in politics these days.

        • I don’t think anybody is interested in your marriage or your bathroom, you hate-filled sputtering gargoyle.

      • I agree Left/right shouldn’t be the argument at all. It should be a freedom/slavery issue. Problem is language, and its twisted use, is the enemies’ principle weapon in the current war. It’s freakin’ hard work to articulate one’s way through the mess.

        • El Martyachi

          IMNSHO weaponized language is only useful against a well domesticated erhm.. domestic population. Those days look to be drawing to a close. I’m taking a long position on the petard sector.

          • You made me look up the meaning of the word “petard”. I guess you could say it’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but as you allude it looks to be a long tunnel with plenty of bombs going off along the way.

          • El Martyachi


    • dance…dancetotheradio

      By the way, ricardojaime, I want to alleviate the perception I find in my comment that I was arguing with you.
      You’re someone I love talking to.
      Sometimes when the argument is not framed correctly I get tunnel vision.

      • Never argue with me. Never, I say!

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I need to keep in shape.
          Arguing with Liberals and NDPers at work with one hand tied behind my back is tough.

          • You’re lucky — I only get to argue with myself. I was in a good debate with myself the other day and thought I was finally going to win, but alas got whooped again…

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            One day I hope to have the privilege of only arguing with myself.
            I just can’t listen to the crap I hear at work without challenging it.

          • You’re a brave soul. Haven’t been in the regular workforce in a while, but I sense it’s mob mentality out there.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            It’s the risk of running afoul of the human resources rules that makes it so difficult.
            I can have a knock them out drag them out discussion with anyone regardless of their views but not being allowed to fight fairly is difficult.
            They have already won have the game before I even open my mouth.
            My only hope is to lodge a kernel of truth into an argument that they can’t refute that will bite them in the ear a few days later.
            I win sometimes.

          • Only advice I can give from this little corner is, be careful of the baiters especially if it’s a group — the outcome is predictable. Better to discuss one-on-one — people are usually more candid and vulnerable. You might be surprised in a one-on-one that the guy with the biggest mouth who would never give any rope actually agrees with your position, but was afraid to say so because of the mob dynamic.

            Hell, I had my own son threaten to punch me out last year because I disagreed with global warming theory. Plus I was instructed to “never again mention Ezra Levant’s name in his presence”. I quietly sat down with him and said, “look son, you ever punch me believe me I’m gonna punch you back, what’s the matter with you that you can’t have a debate without threatening violence?” He sheepishly agreed. It’s still sad however — he was the most laid-back, easy-going, amenable member of the family until he got involved with a particular political Party (whose name I won’t mention because tmi).

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            You are lucky.
            My son doesn’t care about politics, yet.
            My daughter does.
            She’s dangerous.
            But, she’s on our side.

          • Daughters went the same direction (dare I say “Left”?). But they seem more pragmatic about it — with kids in the picture feeding the family seems to takes precedence over politics. For that I’m thankful. Although I never see them.

            Progeny number four is a tech like you, and works his ass off. A libertarian as far as I can see, and sympathetic to conservative issues.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            One day when we were living in Saskatoon I watched my kids walk across the field to school as I waited for my bus.
            It’s the first time I ever felt bereft.

          • Count yourself fortunate if you are still with your mate (and kids). With a large brood like mine, after the break-up I truly understood the meaning of the phrase “empty nest syndrome”.

            I was so accustomed to hearing the constant din of children laughing and playing and running around, that it was like a motor running in the background fueling my motivation. After it was gone I kept the radio going 24/7 in the background for many years to simulate that motivator — without it, the silence was deafening.

            By the way, maybe you didn’t realize you were in Saskatchewan — you could watch them for days (kidding!)

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Might end sooner with the chance of working up north looming.
            I applied today and if I have the seniority, it’s mine.
            It’s too much money to bring home to my family.
            I couldn’t leave it on the table in good conscience.
            I grew up poor never turned down any work that was offered.
            Well, that’s not completely true.
            When I went back to school I got two jobs I walked away from after one shift.
            One was filling ice bags for eight hours a day.
            The other was cleaning used medical equipment for seniors which was quite literally a shitty job.
            There was a third one as well where I worked banquets one weekend for a friend who was the banquet manager.
            As a former banquet manager I just couldn’t keep doing that gig.

  • Brenda

    At least some ‘far-right violence’ including murders of immigrants, might have been instigated by the German government.

    and this: “The [Federal Constitutional Court] decided that it couldn’t ban a party (the neo-nazi NPD) whose policies may have been shaped in part by government agents”

  • Alexi

    He’s reminding me why he got fired.

  • DD_Austin

    I used to believe all politcians were liars
    Now I believe all politicans are traitors