Muslims Of Calgary Publish Anti-Ahmadiyya Hate Screed Claim Sect To Be Apostates Allied With Jews To Spread Filth!

That this sort of Islamic hate is being waged in Canada should be worrying in light of the recent sectarian murder of Asad Shah, a member of the Ahmadiyya sect, by a devout Muslim who claimed Shah an apostate blasphemer. However my suspicion is that the Muslims of Calgary organization will be given a pass. Our betters insist Islam is a Religion of Peace after all and no one among them has the courage to upset that apple cart.

A web site called “Muslims in Calgary” has published the following anti-Ahmadiyya hate screed: Qadianiyyah in the light of Islam

(Note: Qadiani or Qadiyani (قادیانی qādiyānī in Urdu and Arabic) is a derogatory religious slur used by some South Asian Muslims to refer to Ahmadi Muslims, primarily in Pakistan. The term originates from Qadian a small town in northern India, the birthplace of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement.)

In this screed the Ahmadi are described as having filthy objectives and beliefs. (Note the reference to the Ismaa’eelees as a secret sect, I wonder if this will grab Mayor Nenshi’s attention or if he’ll sweep this under under the rug as well?).

“Praise be to Allaah.

Qaadyani is a destructive disbelieving group that names itself Muslim to mask its obnoxious filthy objectives and beliefs. The most dangerous of their beliefs are their claim that their leader is a Prophet, they alter the Quran, they believe that there is no Jihaad, they declare Muslims as non-Muslims and they are allies to the non-Muslims.

The Qaadyani liar (prophet) followed a step-by-step progression in his propaganda using means similar to those used by the secret sects and the Ismaa’eelees.”

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 1

The Muslims in Calgary screed goes on to declare that the Ahmadi are apostates. The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death as we have just witnessed in the murder of Asad Shah.

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 2 Apostates

But perhaps the most dangerous attack on the Ahmadi contained in this screed is the assertion that they are in league with… Israel. You just can’t construct a proper Muslim authored hate screed without including the Jews. It’s simply considered bad form otherwise.

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 3 Allied with Jews

I have, for posterity preserved the entire article at this link.

muslimsincalgary-ahmadi ahmadiyya qadiani

As I have noted on previous occasions the MSM and our idiot politicians treat the Ahmadiyya as “Pet Muslims”. It’s part of their denial and fits in nicely with their wish-dream narrative of Islam as the so called “Religion of Peace”.

The Ahmadiyya are trotted out and presented as representative of Islam. They aren’t. They are considered apostates deserving of murder by mainstream Islam.

Not to belabor the obvious but the MSM and our politicians are idiots.

The site may or may not be affiliated with our old friends at As you may recall the latter published a trove of anti-semitic material, including an excerpt from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but were let off by Calgary Police Services.  

However I suspect they are affiliated as they seem to share a Facebook page and Identical logo’s.

Muslims In Muslims Of Calgary Shared Logo
This looks like a job for… for … for... no one in Canada will attempt to stop this, not our politicians, not our MSM, not our police or human rights commissions.

They are cowards, afraid of being called racists or heaven forbid Islamophobic. The identical evil, the ideologically driven complicit denial that brought the world Rotherham and Molenbeek exists here among our political and chattering classes.

  • WalterBannon and their Calgary spiritual leader Mayor Jihadi

    • Funny because I believe Nenshi is an Ismali which the MCC refers to as a “secret” sect in their screed,

      • Justin St.Denis

        Nenshi is a fag, too. The Muzzies can nail him on two counts, according to their preferred rapist pedophile psycho-prophet.

        • mobuyus

          Tons of tall buildings in Calgary too.

      • V10_Rob

        My understanding was that ‘apostate sect’ was a better description.

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    Calgary Muslims: Worse than Illinois Nazis.

  • But I thought that they shared Canadian values.

    • These are Canadian values according to Justin.

      • He can feel free to feel the effects of these values.

        • Let’s hope he becomes an Ahmadi then.

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            Nah, I’m hoping an enraged Muzzie nails the Pony – hard and permanently – so that Sophie can find the inspiration to write another song.

          • They share his values!

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    Every innocent life lost in Canada from encouraging this Muslim disease in our country falls directly on his head.

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      I’m certain Sophie’s trenchant songwriting skills will be tested to the max.

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    It’s the same group. The Facebook page links to the same articles.

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    I don’t care about muslims in Canada killing each other than I care about muslims in Pakistan or Syria killing each other.