Leaflets calling for Ahmadi Muslims to be killed if they do not convert found in south London mosque

Leaflets calling for the killing of members of the Ahmadi sect of Islam have been found in a south London mosque.

A pile of the flyers, which were found in Stockwell Green Mosque, seem to endorse the killing of Ahmadis if they do not convert to mainstream Islam.

  • Martin B

    I’d say the chap who slaughtered Asad Shah on the street in broad daylight intended to inspire his fellow devout Mohammedans to do the same.

    Sectarian warfare back home in Pakistan has slaughtered thousands, so this should get interesting.

  • Editor

    Where else would you expect to find them?

  • Generally non-violent Muslim minorities such as the Ahmadis and Ismailis is what influenced PM Justin Trudeau’s worldview of Islam in general — his father Pierre apparently brought in the first group of such minorities as refugees to Canada.

    The problem is Justin hasn’t done his homework since then. And the keyword here is “minority” — they do not represent mainstream Islam which is intrinsically violent, whether Shia or Sunni. Muslim minorities are considered heretics by the former and targeted for persecution. Mainstream majority Islam is in fact inherently violent.

    You need to do some reading once in a while, Mister Prime Minister.

  • Hard Little Machine

    promises promises…..

  • pdxnag

    What about Muhammad al-Bukhari’s texts that include Bukhari 9.84.57 which details a call to kill apostates? It is just part of Islamic law, the Sharia.

    All Muslims that choose not to become apostates must (seemingly) be all gung ho for this too.

    The leaflet creator here is no greater threat than your average everyday imam spouting ordinary Islam from the elementary texts. If you let Muslims in don’t expect them to not act like Muslims.

    If all the Muslims other than the Ahmadi had been kicked out I’d still likely demand that they declare their apostasy or GTFO.