Brussels: NINETY PERCENT of Muslim teens call jihad murderers heroes

bomb-Brussels 2

Yves Goldstein makes no excuses for Belgium’s failure to find Salah Abdeslam and the other Islamic State recruits who attacked Paris and then bombed Brussels Airport and a subway station.

The problem is not Islam, he insists, but the negligence of government officials like himself in allowing self-contained ethnic ghettos to grow unchallenged, breeding anger, crime and radicalism among youth — a soup of grievances that suits Islamist recruiters.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    And it would be racist to profile them.

  • Ed

    How about letting them in, Yves? Was that failure on your part???

  • This why we need to open those immigration doors as wide as we can.

  • Gary

    Lets not paint all the 10% for the actions of the 90% .
    Not all muslim support quranic terrorism .

  • How is that integration going?

  • Alain

    Goldstein is either dishonest or clueless. Allowing self-contained ghettos (no go zones) is just a symptom of the disease. The disease is Islam that he and all the others invited in with a huge welcome mat.