Where are the Syrians in Assad’s Syrian Arab Army?

The video shows the attack on Palmyra, the historic Syrian city reclaimed from Isil for the Assad regime, and as a column of troops heads across the desert behind him a soldier is giving a commentary.

“Despite many casualties, they are moving forward in the advance,” he says.

The oddity is that he is not speaking Arabic, but Persian. The man himself is Afghan, a member of a 10-20,000-strong Afghan army recruited in Iran to fight the war in Syria.

  • luna

    That does seem odd considering Afghanistan is majority Sunni.

    • It’s a big number any way you slice it.

    • Sid Falco

      They’re not waging jihad, they’re fighting jihad. And they are probably Shia anyway.

  • mauser 98

    they are in northern Europe for free everything or over here

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Iranians can’t seem to put away a ragtag group of Syrian rebels even though military spokesmen bluster against the West.

    • simus1

      Many muslims have much difficulty getting beyond their ingrained concept that an enraged mob with rifles shouting about allah is an army. The higher ups aren’t quite so sure of that but have many very difficult problems when putting modern sophisticated weapons and tactics into combat on a sustained push.

  • simus1

    afghan shia Hazara males of fighting age being swept up by iran. That explains some of the horde heading for Germany. They are likely to be eventually slaughtered in Afghanistan by taliban sunnis as apostates if they stay and the ones who were in iranian camps already have likely taken off if they could to avoid being drafted into combat training for a syrian “adventure”.