Trevor Phillips is finally discovering the pitfalls of the term ‘Islamophobia’

“I know from experience what an honourable and decent man Trevor Phillips is. So here is a prediction. In ten years time he will agree with people like me that the numbers matter, and that it is purest insanity to continue encouraging through migration the growth of a population which raises so many problems of integration once it is here.”


We too are in that vanguard.

Imagine that.

You & me, Prophets forsaken in our own time & in our own land.

How sad that in Canada it is up to ordinary citizens to raise the alarm against the most disastrous immigration policy ever visited upon this nation.

To raise the alarm against the smug sanctimony of the dull and scolding chattering class.

To raise the alarm against the toxic will of our corrupt political class.

But steadfast we shall remain, confident that our day will come.

Carry on.