The anything-but-silent majority: Examining left-wing privilege on campus

Privilege is understood as an advantage, benefit, or comfort enjoyed exclusively by a particular individual or group. It is normally enjoyed by the most powerful and influential members of a given community, who first create an infrastructure for privilege, then use that framework to serve their own initiatives and interests.

snowflakeIn our campus community, who are the most powerful, influential, and privileged among us? At U of T, it is clear that left-wing students and instructors enjoy advantages, benefits, and comforts that are rarely, if ever, afforded to those who hold different political views.

  • Alain

    That first sentence is a very accurate description of all the affirmative action target groups. I would also add that recognising only the collective and denying the individual is full blown communism.

  • WalterBannon

    As a former writer for, and an elected director of, The Varsity three decades ago, I am both pleased to see that this article was published and surprised in the current environment that it was even allowed to be published. I have no doubt that there will be protests against this article by all the usual suspects.

  • Very good article. I suspect the lefty demons published it only because they were afraid of discrimination complaint, since the author is Korean. Other than that, The Varsity is a rag at the level of Xtra and Excalibur.

  • Kell

    …and this is exactly why their arguments have to be used against them! They say, “progressive”, I HEAR “Communist”! They say, “safe space”, I HEAR “PUSSY”! When the say, “micro-aggression” I HEAR discrimination against every thing I believe in…yep, so glad I grew up when I did, I couldn’t imagine myself as a limp-wristed pussy afraid of everything! Especially the THOUGHTS and beliefs of others!