Syrian refugee admits to “extreme right wing” swastika arson attack on refugee hotel

A Syrian refugee has confessed to setting light to a hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate where he was staying and spraying swastikas on the walls to make it look like a political crime.

h/t Marvin

  • ontario john

    Maybe Trudeau can apologize to the refugees. He is apologizing to everyone else lately. He apologized today for Canada turning away people from the Punjab in 1914. And Dion is in Hiroshima apologizing for World War 2.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      I doubt that Japan is doing much apologizing for the Canadian prisoners of war they starved, tortured, and butchered.

  • roccolore

    No surprise there.

  • The Butterfly

    Great, more diversity.

  • Dana Garcia

    Color me shocked, shocked, I tell ya that an allah gangster would mislead so deliberately.

    BTW a Google search for Hate Crime Hoax gets more that 350,000 results and some interesting reading.

  • Alain

    I fail to see the problem. Muslims are the new nazis, actually they were even allies with the original ones. The swastika was appropriate.

    • Jake

      No they are the original Nazis that the Nazis learned from.

    • Clausewitz

      I’m sure this swastika is an inside job. First of all they can’t even get the emblem right. It needs to be rotated counter clockwise about 45 degree’s so that you can make out the actual N S design for National Socialism.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Muslims are the world’s most reliable Nazi supporters, and Nazis have always admired Muslims. They are cut from the same cloth. Sooner or later they will figure this out and unite.