Islamic school target of racist graffiti

Ottawa police are investigating a hate crime after vandals spray-painted racial epithets on an Islamic school in the city’s east end.

Police confirmed they received a call early Monday morning as students and staff arrived at the Ahlul-Bayt Islamic School on Baribeau Street in Vanier.


This is especially dumb, The Ahlul-Bayt group are Khomeinists, part of Iran’s outposts in Canada.

While the Iranian regime is despicable they are not affiliated nor allied with ISIS.

  • Canadian

    I didn`t know that being an iranian outpost was a redeeming feature!
    Besides, we`ll soon find out that they did it themselves….

  • infedel

    Ugh…there is no such thing as a hate crime or hate speech….do not let the left push that narrative.

  • Ho Hum

    Most likely another hoax perpetrated by Muslims. Of course the media will do endless reports on it.

    • Canadian

      The reports will stop when the muzzie that did it is identified.

  • vimy

    Non muslim students complain about muslim students in Halifax and now we have graffitti on a muslim school. Sounds to me like some one is trying to shift the pity narrative back unto themselves.

  • roccolore

    How long before we find out a Muslim did the deed?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since the Iranians are Shiites, the vandals could have been Sunni.

  • Gary

    How odd that it’s right after the Halifax school report about the islamic Supremacy children of Syrian migrants.

    So typical, it was right after the Paris slaughter by devout muslims that we had the fire bombing hoax at that Peterborough Mosque .
    Justin was quick to run there to apologise even though the Police had NO witnesses or an arrest . The community raised about $200,000.00 for the Mosque but the Imam let it slip out by mistake to the Media that the Insurance covered it.
    These weasels knowingly took the $200,000.00 meant for the repairs which is suspect for a ruse to gain sympathy as the victim and use the cash for Dawah .

    The Pickering Mosque vandalism and fire was a ruse to damage their small ex-Business 1 storey unit and by-pass the Zoning Laws via sympathy for a Saudi Funded Mega-Mosque . They got their Media coverage and brought in Dan McTeague and Mark Holland to bash Christians for the vandalism and racism…… but the City Council was smarter than the Barney Fife Cop and the 2 Liberal MP’s because their illegal mega-mosque Permit was denied because of Canada’s Laws .

    In 2014 when two of our soldiers were murdered by muslims on our soil there were fabricated vandalism to 2 Mosques out West , one had also wanted a Permit for an Illegal Mega-Mosque .
    How odd that one mosque just happened to have had the Security Video system shut off that night when it had been on ever since the mosque installed it year earlier.

    The list goes on and now we see that the Refugees housing centre that was torched and spray painted was done a muslim to blame it on the Right wing anti-Invasion bigots.

    Justin and the CBC eat this stuff as to deflect the people from their racism as these wealth Whites live in White neighbourhoods where the only non-whites are there servants as we see for Justin’s new Nannies .

  • reidjr

    Another factor this is Vanier very few whites live here its mostly made up of muslims/east Indians/natives.

  • moraywatson

    Meanwhile in Germany it was a muslim refugee who painted a swastika on his accommodations and set them on fire, and not “right wing extremists”.

  • Alain

    Frankly who on earth cares? It must be good that Ottawa no longer has any real crime so the cops can use up time and resources for this non crime.