Feminism and Multiculturalism in Western Europe

Feminists incessantly harp about a phantom “rape culture” in the United States and other Western countries. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Northern European cities experienced an outbreak of the real thing—and the opponents of patriarchy went silent. It turns out that a more powerful force exists on the left than feminist victimology: multiculturalism.

  • infedel

    Via Vlad Tepes:why I am not a feminist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82En_A0hijA

  • Alain

    Feminism is a tenet of cultural marxism and has really nothing to do with the welfare of women. Its objective is the destruction of Western civilisation, which is why you won’t hear Western feminists speaking out or taking action against violence and rapes by men who share the same objective. I recall reading typical comments from feminists in the comment section of an article on the rapes. Invariably they would ignore the facts reported and trot out the old canard that white men in the West are raping women daily.