“Appalled” Chronicle Herald Offers Update To The Update On Spiked “Muslims will rule the world” School Attack Story

School bullying story needed more work

“…Reaction to the story was all over the map, from thoughtful to downright scary.

Many journalists called publishing the story irresponsible. Some parents weighed in on social media on the need for better discipline and more supports to help newcomers in our schools.

Appallingly, anti-Muslim groups with words like ‘crusade’ and ‘jihad’ in their names started sharing the article.

We pulled it from our website….”

Oh the horror! Words like Crusade & Jihad! I note they don’t seem horrified at all over that “Muslims will rule the world” bit. But of course anyone who opposes Islam is a bigot and the experts at Chronicle Herald should know.



Here’s the background on this amazing saga of the cowardly Canadian press.

Here is a link to the original article initially headlined: “Parents worried over “Refugee” kids’ brutality at Chebucto Heights Elementary School”

Here is a link to the edited version of the original story that appeared briefly, re-headlined: “Chebucto Heights bullying worries parents”.

Here is a screenshot of the original “apology” that appeared denouncing their own original article after even its edited follow-up had been spiked.

Chronicle Herald removes Muslim refugee school attack story


Here is the link to the updated apology to the original apology  denouncing their own original article.

  • So they have at least *four* separate sources.
    “The word brutality is problematic”
    You know what’s more problematic than the word “brutality”? The act of brutality!

    • You know what’s more “problematic” to the Chronicle Herald?

      Telling the truth.

      • kkruger71

        Actually was scrolling down to comment on the use of that word problematic. It’s pretty much become leftist code for “the truth counters our dogma”.

        • It certainly is.

        • Duckworks

          There is nothing ‘leftist’ about the Sunni migrant influx. This is big, dirty capitalism, spiced up with Salafist-Wahhabist expansionism. A. condo developers and other homebuilders need warm bodies to absorb the crap they keep throwing up (Syrian migrants will do), and B. Saudi money greases up Federal governments, including the old Tory one. The Saudis lobbied hard for Canada to take in these migrants, and the $15B GDLS deal (Canadian armour for ISIS fighters and the sectarian Saudi imperialist war in Yemen) was the carrot.

      • jay schmidt

        Quotes from the exec editor of the NYT, Bill Keller. “The question we start with as journalists is not “why publish” but ” why would we withhold info of significance” and ” Its not our job to pass judgement…”
        Maybe the dhminis at the Herold should give him a call as the Times is the holy of holy’s for journalists

  • mauser 98

    “We will also run letters and commentary”
    doubt mine will be … “you voted for Justin the Jackass ..you got him”

    also…story made Infowars

  • New Centurion

    The victim should have said he was transgendered or queer…Big Gay vs Big Burqa The CH would have had a sh*t hemorrhage trying to appease both groups

    • kkruger71

      Not really, that would have actually given them an out. At that point they would have been able to just say the attackers were homo/trans phobic and ignore their background. Similar to the initial attempt to cover this up by trying to make this about last years big bugaboo; bullying.

      • Buh… buh… Bullying!

        • Alain

          Yes, that favourite buzz word: bullying is only done by the Left.

  • Dana Garcia

    Wait, don’t Muslims say all the time that they aim to rule the world??

    • Yusuf_al_Kafir

      Yes, some Muslim leaders do say just that.

      I find it an interesting contrast that the same progressive-minded individuals who think that the Joooose run the media and/or world refuse to believe that Muslims have a desire to run the world.

      It’s almost an admission that Muslims are forever incompetent while Jews are not.

      I’m not Jewish, but if I were, I’d see it as a compliment. 😉

  • tmodem

    MSM is the enemy of the People. Just look at their words.

    Thoughtful = Newcomers (i guess that’s the newspeak term for “invaders”) need more support
    Appalling/Scary = Anti-Muslim groups, in other words, Patriotic Canadians

  • Duckworks

    Don’t let this story go down the Memory Hole. If you have the saved article (I was prudent enough to do this), repost the text anywhere you can.

    The Sunni migrant influx is the work of intense Saudi lobbying, but all three main Federal parties, TORIES INCLUDED, feed off the Salafi teat.

    • V10_Rob

      Wrote them a short, angry email. More for myself than any expectation they’ll publish it…

      “You will be remembered with the same contempt and distrust as the German media that tried to bury the Cologne New Year’s attacks.

      One of the first rules of the internet is that once something appears online, it’s there forever. The original story you published will continue to be circulated, and your cowardly submission to political correctness insanity will stand as a monument to your lack of journalistic integrity.”

    • We have it all, every iteration of their Pravda like effort.

  • Orwell’s novel, “1984”, had something in a similar vein about this sort of thing.

    News is news, even if it it does not jive with your propaganda, Chronicle-Herald.

    • V10_Rob

      Hopefully it will return to bite them in the ass, like the non-reporting of the Cologne attacks.

  • roccolore

    The Chronicle Herald was bullied by Muslims who threatened to blow up the newspaper.

    • simus1

      No doubt.
      But losing govt ads, subsidies, and offending local Lieberal poobahs would frighten them more.

  • tmodem

    The paper is in full back-pedal mode now. 2 articles on how great refugees are and that they’re just trying to adjust. Nothing to see here. The story was false. Those parents need to come forward, if indeed the allegations are true.

  • Trollificus

    Good God! And no so-called “journalist” has, in a good faith investigative endeavor, gone there to find out if, or to what degree, these allegations are true??

    That’s…horrifying, disgusting, awful. People’s commitment to the “correct” political position on the refugee issue is more important to them than the well-being of Canadian children?? Because the most plausible explanation for this journalistic negligence is that nobody WANTS to find out it’s true. Better to leave the kids to beatings and abuse. “If it’s happening, we don’t want to know.”

    Vile. Absolutely vile human beings, more repulsive for their self-delusion that they are the “good people” in this matter.