Who is telling the truth about Syrian refugees? Trudeau or Minister of Immigration?

Spoiler alert… It ain’t PM Useful Idiot.

This is the sort of governance I expected from PM Useful Idiot, an idiot whose only qualifications for the job seem to be taking selfies and mouthing empty platitudes while his string pullers go about their merry way.

  • Alain

    No politician of any party or of any level of government, no bureaucrat and certainly none of the MSM are telling the truth. The EU situation must be very attractive to them, since we are now racing ahead to catch up.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      They are big liars once they are power they do whatever they want and ignore the population the real people who voted for them .

  • k1962

    We don’t need any more pharmacists from Arab countries anyway. Lets empty the many hundreds that graduate from Canadian schools first. Job market isn’t so great for them right now unless they want to move to isolated areas of the country!!

    • k1962


  • SDMatt

    I want a burka’d nanny at 25 Sussex. And a spade bearded permanently bruised foreheaded butler handling McCallum’s booze wherever he lives.

  • Tokenn

    Justin isn’t a ‘leader’…he’s a mascot…

  • The whole thing is a mess. Their lies are overlapping one another now. The fact is these people were living in comfortable apartments, not refugee camps. They never needed “rescuing”, and in fact the Liberal Government SOLICITED them to come in order to save face for Justin. The people in the camps are still there, and the people needing rescuing are still being slaughtered in ISIS territory.

    The weirdest thing (in the article) is that they expect 25,000 Syrians to become Canadian citizens in a few months. Who said refugees are required to become citizens?! It’s not a requirement — maybe some of these people want to return to their homeland after the war and have no desire to be permanent Canadian taxpayers (I wouldn’t blame them).

    Even more bizarre was Trudeau’s earlier statements (I think it was in December) when he claimed that the moment the Syrians arrive on Canadian soil they are considered Canadian citizens! Really Justin? You have to apply to obtain Canadian citizenship — it isn’t automatic. And people may want to take their time and think about that important decision, and maybe Canadians want to take their time and look more closely at those applications because of the terrorism threat.

    The Liberals remind me of the Biblical account of the herd of mad pigs rushing headlong over a nearby cliff — the word “rushing” being the operative word. There’s an old saying: “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread”.

  • Jim Horne

    Are the Liberals changing the definition of the term refugee?

    Speaking before members of Halifax Chamber of Commerce on March 15, 2016, McCallum portrayed as “foolish” the immigration policy of the previous Conservative government which distinguished between “economic” immigration and refugees.

    He asserted that the refugees are “economic immigrants” as they also contribute to the economic growth.


    • Alain

      Such rubbish from McCallum, but then what else can one expect. They contribute nada to the economic growth, they are another big drain on the economy.

      • Eventually they contribute to the economy — immigrants usually end up working harder than average Canadians and often put us to shame with their work ethic. I can certainly say that about my immigrant ancestors, and I’m sure you can say it about yours.

        But McCallum’s statement is astonishingly misleading. The fact is the Liberals recognized the same distinction between refugees and immigrants as Harper did — Harper was simply following an established policy recognized by every Party in the country, as well as International organizations such as the UN. Every Nation in the world recognizes the distinction. And refugee/immigration policies worked out fine that way — so why change it? Since the ad-hoc change in that distinction, both in Europe and North America, it has been nothing but immigration chaos and social unrest with global implications. Economic chaos is sure to follow.

        • Alain

          I agree with your first paragraph as long as we are talking about traditional immigrants in the past. The record for Muslims in any Western country is the very opposite. I stand by my statement that as a group they remain a drain on the economy even without taking into account all the extra resources required in the name of security. Also as a whole they never integrate, which can only be understood when one understands Islam.

          • I agree there’s a bit of “nostalgia” in my statement — things are changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. And I’m certainly not a supporter of the mass Muslim immigration insanity. Some Muslims have obviously integrated (at least to a “functional” degree). Evidence for that is the fact that we had Muslims living peacefully in our midst for decades — before 9/11, before Al Queda, before ISIS, etc. Maybe the political conditions for that have disappeared forever, given the Global Jihad. I guess my point was that idiots like McCallum only complicate that problem further, by failing to recognize the differences between a refugee, an asylum seeker, an illegal immigrant, a legal immigrant, an economic migrant, etc.

            Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage articulated some of those differences in the recent Munk debate.

  • WalterBannon

    But they do have lots of experience at raping, stoning people and committing genocide against no-muslims….