This could come in handy…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Might need a dozen or so for Cincinnati this summer, ‘depending on the breaks’.

    • I bet the DEM convention is worse.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I suspect that you are correct.
        I’m just not so sure how committed Bernie’s fans are, they might just as easily rally around Hillary, or they might freak out and “Burn” the place to the ground.
        ‘So much orchestrated nonsense on that side of the aisle, and a very under-reported story.

        Trump fans on the other hand are just beginning to get into the grove of the whole “ghost dance” thing and are going to make any victory for anyone other than Trump a Pyrrhic one AT BEST.

        Then again, maybe us Trump fans are more akin to the Kamikaze pilots hack-sawing sawing off their own canopy release handles and mentally preparing for slamming into the flight deck of the USS GOPe and taking that entire ship of ’round eyes’ down for the glory of our god emperor.
        50/50 on what convention goes all “Dawn of The Dead” post-apocalyptic hellscape first.
        Could be either, could be both.
        God I hope it’s BOTH.
        If we get a Trump / Sanders contest, I’ll be surprised if it remains peaceable all the way through the second Tuesday of November.

        I told you all that this year would be one for the ages, and it so far has surpassed all of my expectations.

  • Mine’s named Whirlwind Reaper, and the chain isn’t on backwards.

  • DD_Austin

    Notice how it only cuts sideways, and is mounted vertically

    I call bullshit

    • ntt1

      it has a semicircular guide rail mount that allows the entire saw to pivot 90 degrees.

  • ntt1

    well ..that’s taken me down a peg, and here i was feeling smug about buying an electric chain saw on a pole for disciplining my fruit trees,

  • Gary

    Nothing new but on a smaller scale.

    Check out this Chopper Chopper to trim trees that are hard to get at .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Foiled by a WW1 technique – barrage balloons.