The Manipulation of The Conservative Media by Donors and “Benefactors” is Every Bit as Corrupting As The Money Flowing To The GOP Establishment – Explained in 15-Minutes

The video is cued to start at 24:40 mark and you can stop listening at the 40:35 mark. I put those timing markers in there for the people that might be listening on flaky browsers that sometimes ignore the timing cues stated in the links. If you have time, by all means, listen to the whole thing, but those 15-minutes are crucial. If you can’t be bothered to spend a measly 15-minutes of your life learning the lay of the land, then you probably need to go back to “reality TV”.

Like Trump or hate Trump, you really owe yourself a listen (it’s only a 15 minute segment) as it will forever answer the question of why seemingly normal conservative pundits suddenly start talking like Bernie Sanders when the subject of Illegal Immigration come up.

In short, you are being lied to by people, pundits and bloggers (very often on our own side of the political aisle) that are being paid to lie to you. Often these people have long track records of being friendly to conservatives, so why now are they now trying to get you under the wheels of the bus? The short answer is money (they are receiving it) and the prospects of better things to come (for them, never you) if they will just ‘play ball’ or be ‘a team player’. If they do not fall into line, well, they are off the A-List forever.

Now grab a tasty beverage, sit back,  and let the red pill settle in and do its work.