Riot police use tear gas on migrants at Greece-Macedonia border

greece migrant runs from tear gas

The escalation in tensions that have been simmering for weeks came after more than 500 people gathered at the fence at the sprawling camp of Idomeni, where more than 10,000 migrants and refugees have been stranded since February after a cascade of border shutdowns throughout the Balkans.


  • Thank you Ms. Merkel.

  • Violent invaders should be shot. Otherwise, they won’t stop, the’ll be back.

    • UCSPanther

      A couple of Lewis and ZB 26 light machine guns would have a nice deterring effect.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The probing of invasion routes will continue. I predict that smugglers will commandeer boats on Greece’s western coast to move them to Italy if overland passage is effectively blocked.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just get the UN to blame the Jews.

  • Alain

    What BS! They have not been nor are stranded, since no one and nothing prevents them from returning home. I assume that was written to garner sympathy, but I have none whatsoever for these Muslim hordes.