Only Hard Choices for Parents Whose Children Flirt With Terror

FREMONT, Calif. — The banging on the door jolted Sal Shafi awake. F.B.I. agents were looking for his son. “Where’s Adam?” they yelled. “Where’s Adam?”

Terrified, Mr. Shafi led the agents, guns drawn, up the stairs toward his son’s bedroom. He watched as they led his 22-year-old son away in handcuffs, backed by evidence of Adam Shafi’s terrorist ambitions.

  • Dana Garcia

    The case is another example that “vetting” refugees and immigrants won’t work because it’s often the second generation that’s trouble.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Flirt With “Terror”? What do they mean, ride a roller coaster? Oh, wait, they’re Muslim jihadis. Well, we wouldn’t want to state it in plain English like that, would we, MSM? Rot in hell with Mo.