Mumbai terror attack suspect defected to Isil and ‘posed as refugee to plan attack in Europe’


Unnamed sources  close to a multinational investigation said “dozens” of Isil operatives entered Europe posing as asylum-seekers and are still at large.

  • ISIS, Europe, who can tell the difference?

  • k1962

    If they are Pakistani and you catch them in your country well, profile and jail them or boot them out asap. Then there is the Arab terrorist problem. So many problems connected with the practitioners of the ROP and the influx of migrants. The problem is very easy to solve if the Europeans care about themselves. Just don’t let them in. Don’t even let them leave the shores of Turkey, Libya and put up very large fences where they cross over land. I know, easier said than done, but letting them in just encourages more. They have alternatives, like Muslim countries, let them stay there.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Again with the “terror attack” guff. It was an Islamic jihadi attack, not a carnival ride ffs. If it were Christians or Joos that would be the headline: “Joo Attack Suspect…”. I’m getting really fed up with all the weasel words the MSM uses to cover up for Islam. >:-/