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Gun control discussions won’t change ‘neo-anarchist’ Republican party

Group reveals why it hacked student to death in street

EU trying to introduce mandatory classes about the bloc into curriculum

NASA: Global Warming Is Now Changing How Earth Wobbles

China tears down crucifixes in bid to eradicate Christianity h/t

Scottish Politician Charged With Hate Crime For Criticizing Islam

The UN starts toward new control over the world’s oceans

GOP Establishment Money Funding Anti-Trump Bloggers

Michelle Obama hosts Iranian new year’s feast

Denmark to jail people who travel to Syria without permission

‘Journalists are afraid to say something bad about Trump’

Fingerprints to be tested as ‘currency’

Senators behind ‘backdoor’ bill repeatedly voted for encryption funding

Canada’s refugee processing outpaced by public demand

  • tom_billesley

    Army vet in Australian prison in induced coma after attack by IS cell mate who carved “e4e” slogan in his face.

  • ontario john

    He’s baaaaaaaack! Its fun times at the Sunday Star today as our favorite Muslim, Haroooooooon has a full page story promoting his new book on Islamophobia. Yes, its the standard rant that Hitler Harper is evil, conservatives are evil, Islamophobia is rampant across Canada, Muslims who bad mouth Islam are evil, and the Muslim brotherhood is simply misunderstood. And don’t miss the Star stories on female genital cutting in Africa that doesn’t mention the words Islam or Muslims once, or the heart breaking story of Muslim youth in France who suffer from Islamophobia.

    • Yusuf_al_Kafir

      And as an added bonus, Yusra Khogali, of ‘PLZ Allah, give me the strength not to murder these men/white folks’ fame, has a column to whine about being a black muslim woman in Toronto.

      Ohhhh, the patriarchy, the racism, the islamophobia. blah blah blah… (wash, rinse, repeat)

      I recently cancelled my home subscription and expect the papers to soon stop showing up on my doorstep.
      The sooner the better too. Because what the Star has been publishing the last couple of weeks is pure insanity.

      It’s not a paper, it’s a daily newsletter for social justice warriors.

  • canminuteman

    “Global warming is changing how earth wobbles”. I think these guys, who should know better are confusing cause and effect. The earth spins on an axis. The angle of that axis is what causes seasons. The angle of that axis changes over time do to the fact that the earth wobble on it’s axis. As the axis angle greats greater/lesser, seasons become more pronounced. I can figure this out and I don’t even work for NASA.

    • luna

      But what causes the wobble?

      • Martin B

        The earth is always wobbling a little bit because:

        1) It’s not a perfect sphere, it’s an oblate spheroid (flattened at the poles, bulging at the equator).
        2) It’s weight isn’t perfectly evenly distributed (thicker crust under continents and mountains, thinner crust under ocean floors and trenches, etc.).
        3) Tidal forces from the sun and moon are always pulling on it.

        • luna

          Melting glaciers?

          • Martin B

            If it’s enough to significantly change the earth’s weight distribution, then yes. If you look at old maps of Antarctica and Greenland from the 1950s or 1960s you’ll see that the configuration of the polar ice caps as a whole hasn’t changed much over the past several decades, so it seems to me that the effects of any melting would be a small contribution to the wobble.

          • luna

            I haven’t seen these old maps (photos?) compared with present day. Do you have links?

            My understanding is water is heavy, and some glaciers are several kilometers thick.

          • Martin B

            Almost all of Antarctica is covered by a polar ice cap with an average thickness of about 2 kilometers (2.7 km at the South Geographic Pole, somewhere over 4 km at it’s thickest point). The paper below records an average elevation drop in the Antarctic interior of 0.9 plus or minus 0.5 cm per year. Allowing for variability in snowfall as recorded in ice cores (the Antarctic interior is very dry and gets little annual snowfall, although that snow doesn’t melt because of the severe cold), that’s up to 50 gigatons of ice per year flowing from Antarctica out to sea, which is equivalent to 0.14 mm of sea-level rise per year. Fifty gigatons seems like a lot of weight, but it’s a very tiny portion of the total weight of the ice cap.


          • luna

            I heard some glaciers are sliding into the ocean.

          • Martin B

            Yes, some glaciers at the coastal margins of the ice caps, where the ice is thinnest.

          • tom_billesley

            Caused by immodestly dressed women, just like the boobquakes.

          • luna

            Climate change, earth’s wobble, or melting glaciers?


  • Every year in the USA, 2,500 lucky taxpayers are randomly chosen for a special audit; the federal government wants to know how and where they spend every penny. That’s right – they aren’t suspected of doing anything wrong, they’re simply guinea pigs for government intrusion. That’s why the fingerprint for money story is so threatening – if that technology is implemented, it will give the unelected officials the power to punish you for spending your money ‘unwisely’. Too much pancake syrup? Fined. No gym membership? Fined. Two bottles of wine every week? Forced rehab. Too many fill ups at the gas station? Extra carbon tax.

    Yes, yes I’m paranoid. Then watch it happen.

    • John

      I don’t think you’re paranoid at all. Of course they want to abolish cash. Anonymous purchases provide absolutely no info whereas electronic ones reveal everything about you. Those supermarket points cards are another thing people should avoid. We reveal our buying habits as well as the contents of our fridges and kitchen cupboards and in exchange they throw us a few crumbs.

      • I went to a ‘cash only’ lifestyle 15 years ago when I realized most of the junk mail I received was related to supermarket and credit card purchases. I don’t really care about the junk mail itself – it is free fire starter – but I don’t like the idea of my personal habits being analyzed by strangers.