Chronicle Herald Disappears References To “Muslims Rule The World” & Chains Used In School Attacks By “Refugees”

Latest Update: “Appalled” Chronicle Herald Offers Update To The Update On Spiked “Muslims Will Rule The World” School Attack Story

Update: The Chronicle Herald, which in light of events is neither a chronicle nor a herald, has removed the story completely offering up this piffle:

This story has been removed. Bullying is a sensitive subject. So is the integration of newcomers, particularly those who have faced challenges, even trauma, on their way here. Our story was incomplete. More work needs to be done and will be done before the story is republished. We should have done better and we will.

Chronicle Herald removes Muslim refugee school attack story


What they’re really saying is – we accidentally told the truth, we’ll work harder to prevent that happening in the future.

This being PM Useful Idiot’s Canada we already know the press ignores stories unfavourable to the Liberal lie.

But now they’ve taken to “disappearing” news unfavourable to the Liberal narrative they’ve accidentally reported.

Yesterday the Chronicle Herald published a story under the headline – “Parents worried over “Refugee” kids’ brutality at Chebucto Heights Elementary School”

The story is still there… sort of. Note the headline has been altered to “Chebucto Heights bullying worries parents”. Oh my, “bullying”, so that’s what their calling Islamic supremacism nowadays.

I originally posted on the story here.

The Chronicle Herald has however, without explanation,  further edited the story for what can only be assumed is the unfavorable light it sheds on Islam and the recent “refugee” influx.  Knowing Canada’s press and its cowardly coverage of Islam I saved the original article in its entirety. You can read it at this link and compare it to the Chronicle Herald’s “new version of the truth.” ( Note – the following link is to a pdf of the white-washed but now deleted version of the original story Chronicle Herald edited version – no explantion offered )

The original story contained the following statement which offered a quote by a victim’s parent named Missy and which I quoted in my original post on the piece:

“Missy said her daughter, who is in Grade 3, was choked on Monday and Thursday last week by two refugee boys. A chain was used on both occasions, but she cannot confirm the size or strength of the chain. She said one boy yelled “Muslims rule the world” while choking her daughter.”

Missy’s quote has been disappeared from the article and the original replaced by this much less informative and I suspect less than truthful version which omits reference to “Muslims rule the world” and the chains used in the attack on the young girl.

Missy said her daughter, who is in Grade 3, was choked on Monday and Thursday last week by two refugee boys. School staff intervened, but to her knowledge, the students were not disciplined further.

Now why would the Chronicle Herald do that without notification of the change within the article itself?


Is it possible the victims and their parents fear retaliation by school board officials and perhaps from within the “community” and asked that the references be removed?

Did the truth hurt? Was political and or editorial pressure brought to bear?

Let’s see if the Chronicle Herald will offer an explanation for the “disappeared”.


Below is a pdf of the original Chonicle Herald article, unedited for Islamist supremacists and their useful idiot apologists.

Chronicle Herald disappears Islam references in school violence story

  • John

    Good thing most of us got to read the original version

    • I had a very strong suspicion the original story contained a little more truth than is usually found in our MSM so made certain to preserve the evidence of the original article for posterity. What lying cowards.

      You can read it at the link below.

      • bargogx1

        They’re moving fast. Check the link, the story is now gone and this is in its place:

        “This story has been removed. Bullying is a sensitive subject. So is the integration of newcomers, particularly those who have faced challenges, even trauma, on their way here. Our story was incomplete. More work needs to be done and will be done before the story is republished. We should have done better and we will.”

        Someone must have gotten to them. Next step will likely be a complete removal of any reference to it.

        • Yup they accidentally told the truth, that won’t happen again.

          • Norman_In_New_York

            The very definition of a gaffe, which is why screenshots are necessary in dealing with these weasels.

        • Thanks for the update.

        • Kaye92

          Newspapers and newscasts used to be about – wait for it! – the news. About simply reporting the facts as they were known in order to inform the public, who could then do as they pleased with those facts. Worrying about shaping opinion, or about offending a specific group, was not really a big consideration, if it was one at all.

          But those days are a distant memory ….

          • Long gone. The MSM is the enemy now.

          • Alain

            Actually that has been the case for quiet some time, but more and more people are finally catching on.

          • logic4Uall

            quite not quiet

          • Alain

            Yes, it was also when investigative reporting really existed.

        • You mean that they need to white-wash it.

        • Alain


      • John


      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Your instincts were good!

      • Smart thinking indeed!!

      • k1962

        I saw you post the original in the comments section and it’s a good thing you did save it.

      • StephaneDumas

        I checked the Google cache, they still have the story for now and it’s saved on

        Edit: It’s also archived on the Internet Archive.

    • John R. Merriam

      Go to Canadian Politics – International on Facebook to read it all again. John Merriam

    • Miss Trixie

      “A separate source has informed me that there has been direct pressure on certain employees of the health care sector not to report any instance of migrant-on-Canadian violent crime that ended up with a hospital visit under threat of permanent loss of career. While I cannot confirm this, it would be perfectly consistent with similar events in the UK, most famously Rotherham where 1400 young white British girls were forced into sexual slavery by Muslim gangs.”

      It’s here folks, and the government bullies won’t do a thing to stop “Syrian” violence toward Canadians and our kids, in the name of multicultural political-correctness.

      Thank a Liberal the next time you read about a child who has been hurt by these savages.

      • I am not surprised, nothing shocks me about the government.

  • ontario john

    We must not do anything to insult our new state religion. Just like the Toronto Star will only use the word Daesh.

    • The Star is a rag. I pay little attention to the Canadian MSM in general, the Chronicle Herald is the reason why.

  • useless opinion

    If you examine the twitter feed, the usual suspects were on their case immediately to retract the story. no shortage of identifiable twitter handles for you to investigate.

  • marty_p

    If it’s not in the Toronto Star it didn’t happen.

    • Wow! they have a Haroonadoozi today!

      How Harper systematically mined anti-Muslim prejudices

      • marty_p

        Op Ed piece in today’s Star and Cresecent from the black Muslima wackjob who tweeted “Allah give me strength to not kill white people”:

        “I was vilified for telling the truth about racism in Toronto.”

        “To be a black Muslim woman in Toronto is to feel deep isolation, the result of omnipresent systemic anti-black, patriarchal and Islamophobic discrimination. It is to be under constant attack. To see bodies like mine ignored in the news when they suffer, when they disappear and when they die, unjustly…The protest was prompted by the police shooting of Andrew Loku, a man armed only with a hammer, and the lack of transparency that followed.”

        To which I reply:

      • Yusuf_al_Kafir

        Sunday’s Star also has two letters to the editor from what I assume is a husband and wife….. ??

        Both with the last name ‘Dion’ and both from Penetanguishene….. hmmm

        (I’m reminded of the time the Star printed two letters to the editor from the same person, ‘Geoff Rytell’, on the same day. Half of the letters to the editor are written by the same 12 to 15 people anyways. Primarily ‘white knights’ and Muslims. Their names get seared into one’s brain.)

        • I haven’t heard the joke therefore cannot be offended;)

          • Yusuf_al_Kafir

            I’m surprised the Star even bothered to print the joke.

            Usually when someone does or says something ‘controversial’ the Star will not tell you what was said or done, because people can’t be allowed to think for themselves if what was said or done is ‘controversial’, since ‘controversial’ is simply a matter of personal opinion.

            Group thought sustains the flock. Baaaaaaaaaaa!

      • Ah, denial and then deflection.

      • k1962

        Yeah, like muslim behaviours had nothing to do with it.

  • bloody cowards

    • Yes, and worse.

      • That said, there fact that the story is anonymously sourced & credited, it is possible that it is false. The C-H better come fully clean.

        • No I do not believe that. They pulled it out of cowardice.

  • pdxnag

    Can we call it Rotherhaming?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Never trust a news outlet that has no comments section.
    They are nothing short of liars.

    • That would be most of them in Canada now. Perversely CBC still “allows” them but they are heavily censored.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        That’s almost as bad.
        Recently there was this podunk newspaper that published something wacky that had a comments section with almost no commentators.
        I soon found out why.
        The moderators were also the REPORTERS (I said this was a small town operation) and all of them back-covering SJWs.
        Kind of hard to have any back and forth when your comments sit in a moderator cue for several hours before they are published, if at all.
        These bastards are all liars.

        • The reason comments were ended at most publications is that “reporters” were regularly eviscerated by readers. They really did expose the MSM for the hacks they are.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Yes, and it was glorious to watch!
            That’s the ultimate accountability test, and they couldn’t even pass it, so they just did away with the test.
            Anymore, if I see a news story without a comments section, I don’t even bother to read it.

          • Those were the days;)

  • Doug Kursk

    My letter to the editor:

    Dear Sirs,

    I find the removal of your story (after first being redacted without notice) to be highly disturbing. First, there is a sense that the Canadian media is struggling mightily to maintain the narrative of ‘Syrian refugees’ as a permanent victim class. A young girl was assaulted, not “bullied” by two children who exclaimed that Muslims rule the world!

    Somehow, this narrative has been explained away in your online removal explanation as somehow being the fault of Canadians, who really don’t understand the horrors the ‘refugees’ went through. Well, I for one can completely understand the horrors that our Canadian girl will now go through, as she recounts being choked to the ground (with a chain no less…) by two young Muslim supremacists.

    You may think that your story has disappeared down the memory hole; however, the Internet is much like the proverbial Elephant with its long term cognitive abilities. Add to that the ability for anyone to capture and disseminate that information, and you have an instant credibility problem.

    How many more stories like this will we see in years to come, due to Trudeau’s immigration follies? I have a feeling that there will not be a hole deep enough to hide them all…this is just the beginning.

    Sunny ways indeed.

    Sent from my iPad

    • disqusW6sf

      I hope your letter is posted. Thanks.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Journalists must not be allowed to remain immune from the effect of their malfeasance.
      Take that however you want.

    • Well said.

  • tmodem

    I sent it to the Editor at The Hamilton Spectator last night and received this reply today.

    “Thanks for your thoughts. It looks as if the story you reference has been removed, so I’m afraid I cannot comment on it further — unless it is the removal of the story you are looking for us to report on?”


    Paul Berton


    The Hamilton Spectator /

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      What an underhanded ass of a reply.
      Yeah dickhead, pull up the archive that the general public can’t access!

      • tmodem

        I sent him the link so that he can read the original story

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I bet you get some kind of mealy mouthed reply that he cannot comment on pulled stories.
          Watch for it, just never expect a straight answer from any of these ass hats, unless it’s by accident.

    • Kaye92

      And what would be their comment on the discrepancy between the two versions, I wonder? Would they comment on this other than to whitewash the motivation behind making those changes to the article? Perhaps further information came to light which obliged the Chronically Horrid (read this somewhere – can’t take credit for it) to alter the story?

    • That is pitiful of the Spec, but I am not surprised..

  • John R. Merriam

    I am the administrator of the Facebook group Canadian Politics – International.
    Thanks to Blazingcatfur, I have been able to post the entire article, giving credit to Blazingcatfur of course. I sent it on to four other Canadian conservative groups. Thanks Blazingcatfur! The Chronicle Herald, the worst daily in Canada in my opinion, thinks that by censoring the article it will just ‘go away’ from the internet.

    • H

      Good stuff: they need to be held accountable for this egregious attempt at subterfuge and obfuscation.

    • Thanks.

    • V10_Rob

      In this regard, old tyme print media is superior to the newfangled interwebs.

      It’s much harder to disappear a physical print run of newspapers scattered to the proverbial winds.

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    Western civilization is experiencing ‘death by a thousand cuts’.

    Removal of this story is just the latest cut, and no doubt the cuts will continue.

    • Soon our opinions will be criminalized.

      • Yusuf_al_Kafir

        Because the O.P.P. sent out that ‘T.H.I.N.K.’ Tweet I’ve come to believe, but not accept, that dissenting opinions are criminal.

  • Everyone is aware of Europe’s troubles. Knowing that they voted for Trudeau who is letting them in by the planeload, when it finally dawns on the idiot public that these migrants are up to no good, then that voters block is as good as gone, hence the disappearing act.


  • john s

    Now for the real question: the parents of kids at that school are where exactly? We have showed up at our local to school to protest far less serious events at our school. If they don’t care enough to make a stink bad enough that even the cbc has to take notice then thier kids will be the victims.
    If fit were muslim kids you can bet their families would be on the street and in then school principals office.

    • I would cut them some slack, fear of retaliation is a great motivator. When the Valley Park School Sharia story broke in Toronto an effort was made to launch a constitutional challenge.

      It never got off the ground as no parent would come forward – they feared retribution from the School Board, the teachers and the “community”.

      • john s

        If they don’t want to act because they are afraid of the school board the there is no hope for them. I would risk a fight with the school board in order to ensure that my kids or my neighbour’s kids were not assaulted at school. Somehow I doubt it would be hard to get parents together faced with an actual physical threat to their kids.
        HOWEVER, it is essential that the facts be proven first.
        We do a lot of bitching about muslims or sjws or greens, etc. I think a lot of what bothers us is that they are willing to act and even take risks to further their causes, while so many of us are not.

  • ontario john

    Brief scrolling line on the CBC about a swastika being removed from a war memorial in Cobourg Ont., but no other mention of it in the media. Yet a small fire happens at a mosque in Peterborough, and its non stop coverage, and Trudeau shows up for a selfie. But then I guess Trudeau wouldn’t show up at a desecrated war memorial. Its all about that silly military stuff.

    • I am certain he’d apologize to the perps if they were Muslim for the police having violated their Sunny Ways.

      • judge_jo

        A lot of people in Peterborough are wondering how all of the other arson’s committed in town during the same year were all solved and charges laid within a couple weeks yet several months after the mosque fire there have been absolutely no leads, no charges and no investigation updates in the local press. Does it not seem strange that there have been no witnesses to any of the reported attacks against Muslims in Canada ( other than those reporting them) and not even one arrest?

        That fire at the mosque was confined to about two sheets of drywall right inside the window and some smoke damage. The Korans on a wall shelf right beside the window were not even burned. The local paper showed pictures of men from the mosque removing the Korans from the shelf and placing them in boxes.

  • simus1

    Govt advertising in newspapers and newspaper subsidies doesn’t grow on trees.

  • John R. Merriam

    I think it is highly unlikely that the Comical Herald will publish your letter. Well said though, and at least you got it off your chest Doug.

  • Martin B

    This is a preview of what will happen when a Cologne rapefest breaks out on the streets of Toronto (or Ottawa, or Calgary…).

    Make sure your daughters are prepared for this new reality, if they aren’t already.

  • John R. Merriam

    I’m sorry, but I have to slightly digress so that I can get something off my chest too.
    Islam is a religion, yes, but it is much more than that. It controls every facet of the Muslim’s life, from the schools, the courts, the mosque and politics. There is no tolerance whatsoever of other religions, in fact, it could mean death to the adherent.
    Examining the Q’oran, we see that democracy has no place in Islam. And yet, Junior thinks that there is no difference between a Muslim immigrant and a non-Muslim from Europe or China for example.
    He foolishly thinks that they will blend into Canadian society and become good democracy-loving citizens like the rest of us.
    We are in for a lot of trouble in the future from some of these people and the rest of them will look on in approving silence. They are a ‘fifth column’ among us.
    They will gain citizenship, reproduce at a faster rate than the average Canadian, then want to go or move to the USA. Someday, the US could close the border to Canada because of them.
    Be aware and be warned.
    They will

  • dogwonder

    The Chronic Hissy fit staff are currently on strike, I suspect that management didn’t vette the story until their phones started ringing? Wonder which Islamic grievance mongers blew the phone lines up?

  • mobuyus

    Islamic terrorism of any grade is impossible to sweep under a flying carpet.

  • fssg

    The Cron-Herald has now done an update-update to the article

    “The Chronicle Herald published a story Saturday that has drawn the wrath of many of our readers, particularly online.

    It was based on two parents’ allegations of physical bullying and
    threatening behaviour by some of the children who recently arrived with
    refugee families.

    The school cited in the article, Chebucto Heights Elementary, has had an influx of new students in recent weeks.

    The story quoted two mothers who didn’t want their names used for
    fear of reprisals against them or their children. A third person, a
    grandparent, was interviewed and had similar concerns.

    Since the article ran, another family has contacted us with a similar complaint.

    Bullying is a sensitive subject. So is the integration of newcomers,
    particularly those who have faced challenges, even trauma, on their way

    Our story was incomplete and insufficiently corroborated, given the serious nature of the allegations……”

  • Typical spineless Canadian Press bowing to the PC mob.

  • mark

    OK I was a bit slow on the uptake…. I just realised what MSM means, mainstream media (lying), hah.

  • tmodem

    Here’s the follow up I received from the Editor at The Spec in Hamilton. “Thanks again for this. I wouldn’t have used the story because the accusers are not named, nor is there a byline to determine who actually spoke to the accusers, if they even exist. I’m not saying they don’t, but a reliable news agency would want to make sure of the veracity of the story, especially if the accuser was anonymous. The whole thing just doesn’t smell right, which is likely what the paper figured out, too late.”

  • dad1927
  • Marty

    The school tells the students and families that they have to be inclusive and accepting of all cultures; how long before the school adopts a modest dress code for girls so that the Muslims students aren’t offended. Jihad by immigration is still Jihad.

  • Marty

    Trudeau won in large part over the trumped up niqab issue, and he is bringing in more Muslim New Canadians to prop up the Liberal Party, this is right out of the Rules for Radicals play book that Barack Obama uses when he opened up the US southern border to allow more undocumented Democrats into the US. .