“Islamophobia” triggers jihad terror attacks

twin towers 911

“The Muslim community feels really under siege.” This is the kind of thing the learned analysts say after Muslims commit a series of mass murders: if you learn to look at things the right way, you see, it is really the perpetrators who are the victims.

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  • Muslims and their leftist apologists are stuck either way. If Islam is a religion of peace, then nothing can induce people into terrorism. If anything can make the religion of peace go bad, that means they are naturally prone to violence. Isn’t that bigotry of lowered expectations?

    • luna

      Any argument in favour of Islam is based on false assumptions.

      • Gary

        But this makes it worse for islam because all of these so called non-muslims doing terrorism have a common denominator which is the quran .
        Following their logic and reasoning , it means that there must be something in the quran that is an Universal evil so steeped throughout the teachings that – not only does a devout follower embrace the barbaric shariah and Global Domination for a Caliphate – a non-muslim can read it and be fuelled up with hatred to slaughter civilians while suddenly being able to speak Arabic as they praise allah.

        IF, and I say IF , we saw 0.003% of the muslim population be violent and do the odd killing it would fit in with the norm for the general population of 7,000,000,000 people on Earth as mentally ill or border line anti-social malcontent .
        But when over 50% can’t read or write in their own language while only about 10% can read in the original Arabic text , and yet , we still see that almost 30% embrace the armed-jihad doctrine while also agreeing with the current Jihad terrorists fighting for allah’s cause …….this destroys the narrative as a FEW bad apples by misunderstanders or their Peaceful faith.

        Seems like a huge section of the Orchard has poisoned trees producing toxic fruit that is killing those eating it as well as many of the non-apple eaters around them .

        In Canada we are now seeing violence in three of the main Towns that doesn’t seems to be getting the CBc and STAR coverage but is also three of the many ” refugees ” intake Towns for those Peaceful Syrian muslims.

      • My point is that leftists and Islamists lock themselves in their shaky arguments. Why would one assume that simple provocations or things like poverty force people to go into terrorism? That would mean Christians and Third-World countries like Cambodia would be rife with terrorist activity. Furthermore, it doesn’t hold Muslims to the same standards as most people.

        It’s like they want their arguments to fail.

        • luna

          When faced with the extreme brutality of Islamic warfare, and the message of peace (dawah/taqiyya) claimed by Muslim adherents, I’m afraid the human brain is overloaded and cognitive bias (the short circuit of reason) kicks in.

          • Sadly, reason is not even in the equation when it comes to Islamism and Western civilisation.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Forgive the 80’s or 90’s video game reference OK…
      Nothing you said is untrue, however if we are to squish Islam like the bug that it is (it’s a very easy to harm and weak target all on its own), we must first fight past the final level “boss villain” known as leftism that is protecting it.
      Without vanquishing the left, Islam is almost entirely untouchable.


      • Amen. Leftism is the facilitator. Unless you are only about 15 years old, or have a serious case of Alzheimers, you will remember that nobody in the West had a beef with Islam until they brought down the WTC on 9/11. You will also recall that Bin Ladin was kicked out of Saudi Arabia and stripped of his citizenship because he initially targeted the Saudi government, long before 9/11. What the hell did that have to do with Westerners allegedly hating Muslims? Absolutely nothing — Muslims hate Muslims, and everybody else. It’s a religion of hate — that’s why the fascist Left is attracted to it. The Left sees an opportunity to exploit that hate for their own political purposes.

      • Bingo.

        This is why Steyn and Farage’s confrontation of the mediocrity Arbour and that mincing little bug Schama are all the more necessary. Confront these douches in public and watch as their arguments fall to pieces.

        Home-school the kids.

        • That was one of the strangest “debates” I’ve seen. Arbour and Schama were totally unprepared to address any of the issues. I felt like Steyn and Farage toned down their attack to spare them too much embarrassment. Sorta like a pee-wee hockey game where one team is beating the other so badly (65-0) that they stop trying to score out of sympathy. In a fair debate the Left always loses — that’s why they want to outlaw free speech. I doubt if you’ll ever see Arbour agree to a debate like that again — her arguments are vacuous.

          • Leftists don’t feel any need to prepare. Smugness is their strength.

            Arbour is a mediocre b!#ch.

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  • pdxnag

    Resistance is futile. The logic is like saying that the enactment of capital punishment for murder is itself the cause of murder. It is worse, resistance itself is the crime, in Islam.

  • HalcyonDaze

    Isn’t this the same theory the left used to explain away Vlad’s invasion of the Crimea and the Ukraine?

    You’d think with all that addled brain power the left would at least come up with some new excuses instead of just recycling their old one.

    Oh wait….. Recycling