Hey! PM Useful Idiot! “Refugee” kids’ scream “Muslims rule the world” while choking grade 3 girl

Update: The Chronicle Herald as feared, has without explanation edited the story of any “unfavourable references” to Islam such as formerly contained in the quote below.

I made a point last night of saving the article in its original form for posterity fearing just such cowardice by the “press” read about it here.

Parents worried over “Refugee” kids’ brutality at Chebucto Heights Elementary School

“Missy said her daughter, who is in Grade 3, was choked on Monday and Thursday last week by two refugee boys. A chain was used on both occasions, but she cannot confirm the size or strength of the chain. She said one boy yelled “Muslims rule the world” while choking her daughter.”

h/t Ugly Hockey Sweater & Mrs. Beardsley