Getting tougher but smarter on Islamist terrorism

The old war-time Music Hall comedian, Rob Wilton, would open his act with; ‘The day war broke out, my missus said to me: ‘What are you going to do about it?’’

Well, Dave Cameron, Mutti Merkel, Monsieur Hollande and the more junior members of the Europe gang, what are you going to do about Islamists bombing you?

When ISIL first came on the scene, the establishment would have us believe (probably because they believed it themselves) that this was a bunch of religious fruitcakes who wanted nothing more than to turn the clock back to 830 AD, and create a ‘pure’ Islamic caliphate. Their atrocities were clear proof of this. They were not interested in ‘the West’ and were no danger to us.

Well. They got that ever so slightly up their bottoms.