Drugstore Aisles Are Racist. Did You Know?

black woman in drugstore

Watch this, you guys. It’s a video/commercial by SheaMoisture, which is supposed to shed light on the HORRIBLE RACISM of drugstore beauty aisles. FOR REAL.

  • Some Shampoo once looked at me funny, so yea.

  • Treat them special: raciss!
    Don’t treat them special: raciss!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If they only had their own stores, and areas of town.

    • Alain

      They are more motivated to loot, riot and destroy any stores in their neighbourhoods.

  • When you look for something to bitch about, you will find it.

  • BillyHW

    It’s just like Nazi Germany.

    • The only thing that could make it worse would be an “I voted” sticker. 😉

  • andycanuck

    Did someone ask her to get something off the top shelf too?

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Fine, fine, fine. Mix all the “ethnic” products with the “beauty” products. Blacks will have to search harder for the products they seek, the stores will sell less goods, but the SJWs can notch up another “victory”.

  • kkruger71

    At least this isn’t the old “We don’t have as many choices” rant they used to go on about with their representation in available products.