Are governments — including Canada’s — lying to cover up Muslim crime, including rape?

carlin the government lies

It would almost seem like Western nations have moved from rule of law and individual freedoms and rights to one of soft-totalitarianism, where opposition to state policy is met, not yet with gulags and beatings, but with loss of career, financial ruin and social ostracism.

  • ontario john

    The elites control what is considered important in lives of people. Leftists shape through the media, politics, education and entertainment what matters and what doesn’t. Christians don’t matter. Islam does. And the list goes on. Good example is the leftist obsession with homosexual rights. The National Post website has a story on how Trudeau is going to apologize for homosexuals being fired during the cold war, and yet Trudeau hates the rights of Christians and Western values around the world.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Homosexuals most pressing problem is that since their culture has been mainstreamed all of their establishments and hangouts are going broke.
      Same thing happened to black main streets after the civil rights act.

      • El Martyachi

        I wonder if really cool people are saying “I was gay back before it was cool” yet?