Anti-semitic attacks in Austria spike following unprecedented migrant crisis

Migrants in Austria

Officials recorded 465 incidents of vandalism and physical and verbal abuse against Jewish people and their property last year compared with 255 with 12 months earlier.

  • john700

    At least the Jews have a place to go: Israel. Where are the Austrians gonna go?

  • H

    Yes, but we all know the real problem is “right wing” extremists and their damn Islamophobia.

  • Everyone Else


    “It is the duty of the state to make Jewish people in Austria feel secure” – Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz

    It is also the duty of the state to make Jewish people in CANADA feel secure.

    Why is Trudeau importing tens of thousands of known Jew-haters! Pew research studies have found that over 90% of Muslims hate Jews.

    Can anyone suggest the name of a lawyer qualified to sue the federal government in a class-action Charter case for endangering the security of the person??

    The legal action could be paid through a GoFundMe or similar crowd support.