Another hoax journal article retracted

From Retraction Watch:

A philosophy journal that focuses on the teachings of philosopher Alain Badiou has apparently fallen victim to yet another Sokal hoax, and has retracted a fake article submitted by authors trying to expose the publication’s weaknesses.

The paper, “Ontology, Neutrality and the Strive for (non-)Being-Queer,” attributed to Benedetta Tripodi of the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Romania, is apparently the work of two academics, who submitted the absurd article to Badiou Studies to expose its lack of rigor in accepting papers. More.

But the question arises, in this case, why does anyone care? As long as they aren’t funded by taxpayers who do boring, maybe dangerous, jobs all day, whose business is it?

That is, at what point must we impose discipline and why? Readers? Thoughts?

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  • I detect a pattern…

  • larryw408

    Why should we care? Because these “peer reviewed and published” studies are then used as evidence of a mythical problem the left is trying to solve. See: “97% consensus”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I care because if professional rigor and discipline break down with respect to esoteric studies, it will almost certainly spread to areas of research that are meaningful to us and more directly affect our lives, such as medical safety and effectiveness.

    • Yes, Norman In New York, that is the critical problem. But one part of addressing it might be to acknowledge that some politically correct fields are not really a science or serious academic field anyway. What was this journal about when it wasn’t a hoax?