‘Trump supporters are uneducated’

For all the talk of ‘making America hate again’, the people who were really being smeared or scapegoated at this rally were Trump supporters – working-class voters who dare to support someone who strays from the PC-politico script. Indeed, the only harsh words thrown at immigrants emanated from the designated free-speech area: as a group of Latin-American men walked past, heading to the rally, a gaggle of college students screamed ‘You’re on the wrong side!’.

  • Oh, that must be it!

    I don’t care for Trump and I think the entire electoral system in both the US and Canada needs a cultural and intellectual overhaul but this name-calling from fascists who have clearly never read a book is the limit.

  • G

    Who cares what they scream or what names they call? Do revolutions disappear because those in revolt get called names?
    If so, then these Trump supporters deserve to live under elitist rule.
    The anti-Trump screamers should be the ones being intimidated.

  • Projection.

  • canminuteman

    “Trump supporters are uneducated”. That’s why they aren’t retarded like the last generation of university grads are.