Students condemn D’Souza for his ‘hateful rhetoric’


“This isn’t about silencing him or stifling his freedom of speech. This is about students coming together and exercising our own constitutional freedoms by rejecting the hatred that he has peddled over the course of his career and calling for changes to be made to the process of selecting speakers in the future.”

Plus: 22% of US College Students Want To Crush First Amendment Rights

  • Kathy Prendergast

    What “constitutional freedoms” give these special snowflakes the right to silence someone whose views they don’t like?

    • V10_Rob

      I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers enumerated hurt feelings amongst the many the problematic acts of King George III that were triggering them…

    • canminuteman


    • “This isn’t about silencing him or stifling his freedom of speech,” they said, as they silenced him and stifled his freedom of speech.

  • Minicapt

    He might be carrying … chalk!


  • Gary

    They are free to start their own Schools and ban whom ever they want , but these fascists parasites have no employable skills and nor would anyone want a malcontent sloth poisoning the work place .

    • Let’s hope they’re on the front lines when The Reckoning comes.

  • roccolore

    Notice how liberals never petition to get Muslim speakers disinvited.

  • simus1

    Their rich helicopter trophy parents have raised, protected, and given free reign to barely housebroken incipient red fascists and their teachers have finished the job.
    That they wind up hating freedom in all its discomforts would be a given.

  • Mark DeFord Eletion

    “22% of US College Students Want To Crush First Amendment Rights”

    Providing an environment that promotes that kind of thinking is just one of the reasons why I think the current system of “higher education” should be abolished. Our higher education system is out of control. The cost impoverishes most graduates for years. Destructive ideology is rampant on campus.

    Here’s what I propose for a replacement: Free online at-home learning for non-practical portions of any chosen field, supplemented if desired, by ad-hoc study groups and public lectures. After initial certification, the student would find an entry level job in that field, after supervised testing by the prospective employer. The final practical training, testing and certification would be awarded by the employer.

    MIT already provides course work online for free. Khan academy provides a massive amount of free material online. I think this should become the standard method of learning. It would result in lower costs all around. Though employers would have added training costs, there would likely be a massive savings in payroll, because the new hires would have no college debt to pay off.

  • Jabberwokk

    Actually I could use some discussion on this.

    If one person wants to express his FoS and another does the same FoS to stifle it, is there not then a conflict? How do I square that away?