Saudi groom insists on bringing his father to his wedding – in a coma!

A Saudi husband-to-be refused to get married unless his ailing father, currently in a coma, was allowed to attend the wedding.

Despite the fact that his father is on life-support machines in a hospital in Dammam, Abdullah al-Hayyas told doctors he could not get married without his father present.

Coma Dad attends wedding

Coma Dad attends wedding, gets shit -faced drunk!

  • luna

    This guy seems to have little empathy. This got me thinking. There is a genetic component to empathy (and other cognitive/emotional functions).

    Actually I have a few related questions about this. Foremost among them is how a society based on Sharia evolves, that is how it selects genes for subsequent generations.

    • lolwut?

      Inbreeding has a good deal to do with it.
      I’ve seen stats saying that up to 80% of Pakistanis are inbred
      because of cultural traditions of first cousins marrying.

      There have been shows on TV including the BBC about Pakistani
      immigrants creating a massive problem in the UK with imbreds.

      Search “Muslim imbred” on Youtube and you’ll see some of them,

      In the west, smart people have less children then the stupid people
      thanks for welfare and ridiculous social programs that reward them with more money for popping out more babies.

      So certainly there is a strong genetic component to it.

  • richfisher

    Makes the bar cost way lower unless somebody scoops the stiff’s tickets.

  • Shebel

    The Father in-Law can’t move .
    The Bride needs help to get out of the Cradle.
    Should be a happy marriage.