I Have Been Telling You for Months Now, These F*ckers Are DIRTY!

It’s G*ddamn Venezuela down here!

Ann Coulter voiced that thought recently on a Milo interview, but did so without naming any names out of fear that naming names would grievously harm both her career and forever isolate her socially (even more so than she already is). That got my antenna going round ‘n round in search mode and apparently I wasn’t the only one having such thoughts.

Now do you believe me?

It’s not just Erick Erickson getting paid either.  Ben Shapiro is being paid, Mark Levin is being paid, Glenn Beck is being paid, Rush Limbaugh is being paid, iHeartMedia is being paid, the Beasely Group is being paid, Hugh Hewitt is being paid, Michael Medved is being paid.  The entire Salem Media Communications enterprise (broadcast radio and web-based content) is making hundreds of thousands off of these political payments for punditry.

Heck, it’s absolutely easier to say who’s NOT being paid – Almost all of the radio media and almost all of the larger web-content providers are getting paid by political operatives as above.

Notice how not a single radio network will allow the question to be asked on air.  Notice also how not a single radio host will deny on air.  It’s not accidental folks.

I promised you all that this would be an intense year, and it’s only still revving up.