I get some weird mail….

The following was unsolicited, why it was sent to me is unfathomable.  My only fear is that Justin will let this guy in.

“In Addis Ababa Ethiopia Previously There Has Been Stolen By Force Violently and Obviously Through With Gun Armed Robbery Committed For The Royal HBM Queen Elizabethan-II Chartered My Own Canadian Citizenship Original Document They Ethiopian Federal Government By Police Stole By (Be) On The Game Involved In To Prostitution Or Thieving They Took Through Armed With Gun Weaponized Robberies Committed From Me Not Delivered Original Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Certificate Number Dated On DECEMBER 28, 2005 G.C. Taken from The Main Ethiopian Addis Ababa General Post Office From Delivery Section Ungiven To Me After Sent From Kenya Nairobi Canadian Embassy. The Suspected Armed Robbery Felony Criminal Persons Are Ethiopians From Post Office, Ethiopian Forged Artist Bogale Belachew Bulcha The Felony Armed Robbery THIEF CRIMINAL Person From General Post Office He Stole My Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Document Number December 28, 2005 ,THE FELONY CRIMINALS VERY DANGEROUS CONVICTION OF VERY SERIOUS CRIMINALS DOING ATTACHMENTS OF FORCED HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND SLAVES TRADE FELONY CRIME APPEALS INSIDE MY CANADIAN PERMANENT RESIDENT VISA FILE.

Here’s his Google+ profile

SENDING THROUGH ETHIOPIANS EMPLOYED WORKERS IN CANADIAN EMBASSY OF ETHIOPIA, THE RECEPTIONISTS, THE DRIVERS AND SECURITY GUARDS ARE MISSIONS FROM THE FELONY CRIMINALS OF THE Ethiopian Federal Governments NAME Ethiopian Federal Democratic Government Head Of State EPRDF President MULATU TESHOME WIRTU TOGETHER WITH ETHIOPIAN EPRDF HOUSE OF SPEAKER NAME MISTER ABA DULLA GEMEDA The House Of Representative Of Federal Parliament The ARSSI ASSELA OROMO PEOPLE AND Together With Ethiopian Forged Stamps and Visa Maker Counterfeiter Mister Getahun Assefa Balcha Forged MURAL, PAINT BY PAIN ON THE WALL, WITH BY FORGED MURAL DEPARTMENT MASTER WITH DISTINCTION FORGED DOCUMENTS NOT ORIGINALS , Went Scholarship From Addis Ababa Ethiopia Travelled and Joined Prostitution Of Homosexualities Then He Travelled Went In To USSR Moscow The Fine Arts College In Mural. His Two Transcripts Of The Senior Secondary High School & Art School Transcripts Used For Scholarship Has Been Forgeries COUNTERFEITING MAKER IN HIS OWN HOME Of Counterfeited Transcripts & UK VISAS MADE FOR ETHIOPIAN MISTER AMANUEL ASFAW HE LIVES IN WIMBLEDON UK BY FORGED UK VISA TRAVELED FROM ETHIOPIA For Armed Robbery Felony Crime Committing Purposes. He Is By Group Insulting In Addis Ababa Living In Wereda Or Region 06 Locality Or Kebele 43 Nifas Silk Laphto Sub City Addis Ababa Ethiopia. All Ethiopians Scholarship USSR Art College Graduated Masters Degree In Painting Students For Post Graduation Used Their Forged Stamps False Result Transcripts. Also Muzgebu Tessema and All They Are Ethiopian Black Artist Tadesse Belayneh Hailemariam Is By Forged MA Sculptor In Addis Ababa Dangerous Felony Criminal Of Human Trafficking Person Together With Ethiopian Retired Artist Abdurahman Mohammed Sherif , Ethiopian Black Forged Artist Mister Getahun Assefa Blacha , Assefa Ejeta Kassa, Kassahun Ejeta Kassa, Mintiwab Gashaw Through USA Embassy In Ottawa Armed Robbery Holding My Own Canadian & Uk Nationalities , The Undiagnosed FOR HIV-AIDS & MENTAL HEALTH POLITICAL HOLDER Criminal Insulter and Assaulting Fighter Abuser Me My Sister At Home Stealing Our Land Property Ethiopian My Sister At Addis Ababa Miss Debrewerk Mengiste Amare’s By Giving Bribery Money For Engineers and Taking Place Armed Robberies Illegal Robbery Constructions on done by Alemayehu’s Income and Stolen Birr Money Debrework Mengiste’s Thieving The Property Of Land And To Kill My Mother, By Robbing From Me & From My Own Ethiopian Mother Alemayehu Gizaw Engida’s Private Owned Title Deed At Nifas Silk Lapto Sub City Kera Gofa Sefer WEREDA 06 KEBELE 14/52 HOUSE NUMBER 593 MAP TITLE DEED NUMBER’S 14/114/3966/00 LAND AREA IS 484.73 SQ AND Over this Large Land Area Property By Robberies For Holding With Out Map and With Out Permissions Stealing Large Amount Money By Renting It For Her Self Income Only The Amount Of Money Ethiopian 30,000 BIRR Per Month, Through Thieving From My Own Private Property Dwelling House Area Of Land Has Been Stolen By Armed Robbery Thieving Groups By Ethiopian EPRDF Police Vice-Inspector Powlos Demisse Tegenaw’s Intimidator Armed Human Trafficking Felony Criminal Appeals Person To Sail Me In To Canada & Uk Together With Ethiopian EPRDF Government’s attached forced slaves trade appeals inside My Own Canadian P.R Visa File Provided on the Royal Queen & On To The Royal Courts Of Justice. On This Case Ethiopian Armed Robbery Thieving Person Miss Genet Tibebu is Insulting and Assaulting To Me EVERY DAY ASSAULTING CRIMINAL & POLITICIAN PERSON’S HOLDER MY CANADIAN & UK CITIZEN VISAS BY CALLING She’s The PROSTITUTOR THIEF HIV UNDIAGNOSED SHE’S MENTALLY INSANE PROSTITUTE HONOUR AND FORCED HUMAN TRAFFICKING APPEALER ON THE ROYAL QUEEN. SHE IS NOT MY FAMILY MEMBER SHE’S STEALING AND ROBBING FROM THE ROYAL HM QUEEN.ETHIOPIAN RETIRED DR EYOB TESFAYE’S INSULTING, INTIMIDATING, ASSAULTING TO ME EVERY DAY AND EVERY TIME THIS POLITICIAN FIGHTER’S TERRORIST ERITERIAN PERSON IN ADDIS ABABA ATTCHING FORCED SLAVES TARDE FELONY CRIME APPEALS ON THE ROYAL HM QUEEN ELIZABETH-II AND FOR THIS CASE HE COULS MASSACRED AND GENOCIDES MURDERING FOR MY FAMILY MEMBERS BY INJECTING POISONED LISEX PLUS ANASTATIC LIQUID FOR BLOOD PRESSURE FALSE STATEMENT AND FOR KILLING PURPOSES AND FOR PARALYZING MY MOTHER’S LEG THROUGH ETHIOPIAN FELONY MURDERER CRIMINAL AMATORY DRESSER BOGALE YESHITELA AND RETIRED MD YOSEPH DENEKEW AND RD MERON THESE ARE VERY CRUEL MURDERERS CRIMINALITIES FELONY CONVICTIOINS.”