Brazilian Columnist Calls Trudeau “Ordinary”

How charitable.

I would have called him an ugly mouth-breathing thief and chauvinist just like his dad.

But I’m too nice.

Veja columnist Vilma Gryzinski’s criticism is loosely hinged on the 2014 Quebec film “God Save Justin Trudeau,” which focuses on Trudeau’s 2012 charity boxing match with Sen. Patrick Brazeau.

Gryzinski pulls no punches when she refers to Trudeau as “the embodiment of vaguely leftist and confusingly well-intentioned liberalist dreams, a handsome guy who shamelessly shows off his physique and preens for photos in yoga poses.”

The former executive editor goes so far to as to say Trudeau supports terrorism because he welcomes Muslim immigrants, has attended mosques and worn traditional outfits.  

She says the Islamic State praised Trudeau’s election, maybe because he stopped Canada from participating in airstrikes against the caliphate.

The column rakes his mother Margaret Trudeau over the coals for her drug use and affairs when married to Pierre Trudeau and says she later “abandoned her children.”

Justin Trudeau’s wife, children and his hair are the only things spared from Gryzinski’s critiques.

Canada’s media gets a jab from Gryzinski too, referred to as “sycophants” who show Trudeau a “self-destructive deference.”

Her column ignores the many problems in Brazil’s own government, which Stephanie Nolen from the Globe and Mail points out includes an imminent presidential impeachment and likely impeachment for the vice-president.

Gryzinski ends the column with a softer tone, saying that Canada may be boring, but it’s so well organized that even Trudeau won’t be able to screw it up.

Oh, Mr. Ordinary will try, Miss Gyzinski.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When will you learn Canada?
    You must utterly and totally IGNORE all foreign criticisms by reminding yourself that the vast majority of it is born out of petty jealousy, and the remainder, gross ignorance.

    The rest of the world has taken turns calling America SATAN for the last hundred years. Do you think we care?
    All it does anymore is sexually arouse us.

    • Canada – The New Great Satan!

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Oh you WISH!
        When Ontario starts executing prisoners like Texas, gimme a call. 😉

    • Alain

      True, but this was actually a big compliment for our PM, as he is well below ordinary. I am not convinced he has learned to dress himself.

  • mauser 98

    “so well organized that even Trudeau won’t be able to screw it up.”

    • Alain

      That assumes he is actually running the show. I think not.

  • Clausewitz

    Calling Junior Ordinary is an insult to every ordinary citizen in this country.