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Gov. Jerry Brown explains rationale for min. wage increase


  • Gary

    So why did Paul Martin register his CSL cargo ships off-shore to not only hide his wealth but used slave labour by non-Union sailors and loading staff when he could have paid a higher wage and paid Taxes in Canada to fund Children’s Breakfast programs housing for single mums.
    CSL did over $60,000,000.00 in business with the Liberal Government in just one year while Martin was the Finance Minster.
    Now Justin is caught up in the Panama Papers where he now claims that he gave $500 million to the CRA to go after those not paying their fair share of taxes.
    Sure Justin, Paul Martin is shaking in his boots plus all the other wealthy Liberal Canadians donating to the Liberal Party . Plus all those Mosques spewing hate that are Political islam based will fear losing their charity Status as a religion while inciting Jihad terrorism.
    Fair share???
    Sell your $million dollar classic Benz from daddy dearest and give the money to the refugees you want US to fund even when about 97% of them came from Turkey and Lebanon that were there for over 2 years as weren’t refugees.

    I did some landscaping for a neighbour that was a retire Government employee with a gold plated pension and did a reno to their house for 3 rental units as additional income . I was shocked when the Union member wanting Justice and claims to fight for Cuban workers in poverty had told me they would pay me $10.00 an hour.
    This was also an NDP supporter and at first I was going to do it for free , but I wanted to see the proof for a $30.00 an hour Government employee now on a huge pension that felt that $10.00 an hour in the hot sun moving dirt and rock was a FAIR wage.
    When I did that type of work on the aside 30 years ago it paid $10.00 an hour.
    I finish the brief job and took the cash to never go back, this was someone as well during an Election that had a $15.00 an hour NDP campaign sign for minimum wage.

    You won’t see the CRA send the RCMP to Martin’s door because half of Justin MP would be cuffed and perp walked .

    • BillyHW

      You don’t have to be consistent or have integrity if you’re a Liberal. All you have to do is have nice hair and support abortion and then more than half the voting population will think you “care” and are not “mean”.

  • BillyHW

    If you want to make more than the “minimum wage” do the following:

    1. Oppose illegal immigration.

    2. Oppose legal immigration.

    3. Oppose “temporary” foreign workers.

    4. Develop a useful skill.

    5. Work hard, such that you provide more value to your employer than the minimum wage.

  • simus1

    A realist or cynic might want to inquire:

    (1). Would a massive increase in the enforcement branch be needed to deter corruption of wage enforcers by gangsters “in the various low wage businesses” since the gangsters will otherwise be able to undercut legit business and quickly create monopoly situations?

    (2). Will a suitable tax to facilitate the operation of (1) be levied on all robotic based automation units installed to replace $15 dollar an hour workers?

    If the answer is no in both cases, then it leaves the distinct impression that the $15 an hour is both a political ploy and a backstop for rent seekers heavily committed to automating most low level work positions in the retail and other suitable sectors.