White House Hosts Day-Long Event Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Toys

Two Pairs of Baby Shoes

I want all of our girls to get interested in science and technology and engineering and math,” Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to Obama, said Wednesday. “And I want our boys to think about teaching in our schools and help shaping the next generation of our young people.”

  • It’s what you want the “Leader of the free World” to be preoccupied with.

    • BillyHW

      Choom gang.

  • Frances

    She’s a total idiot. Know several men who are teachers – and good ones, too. Know a lot more who aren’t. Also know several women who are STEM types. Also know many more who aren’t. Or, as one young women put it: “My career plans include nothing involving blood, guts, gore, chemistry, or physics”. She’s an accountant.

    • Gary

      Look at how the NDP employment quota system and Diversity plan of today
      had pushed women into being Police Officers and EMS workers.
      The feminists and Politicians made this an issue over misogyny and the ‘old boys ‘ network to exclude women from good paying jobs.

      But reality has set in and now the NDP saw such a PTSD crisis for female Officers 9 cops) and EMS workers that instead of going back to those that want the jobs to help Humans and know the gore they will see but realize they didn’t cause it….. the NDP petitioned for the WSIB to allow PTSD for these workers as a Workplace Injury for compensation as if other jobs aren’t stressful.
      The NDP caused this mess and wants the taxpayers to bail them out
      because all of these jobs are related to their Diversity Quota to parachute women into the position.

      So get ready for higher taxes as the Police race towards their 50% female Officers making $90,000.00 a year and after 3-4 years make a WSIB claim and may never work again but still get a Pension. This doesn’t include the costs for Mat-leave since the age for a Cop was lower to 21 and the women will have a salary to start a family and buy a house.
      I knew a young women at work that had a brain tumour and was off work for the operation. But the Company had such a generous Benefits package she had a Doctor deem her medically unfit to return to her stressful job and thus got LTD at 75% or her salary.
      Fine, but because she was off with 75% pay she and her husband had the means to start a family since the wife was home to raise the children. So her job was more stressful than rearing as child for about 18 years and $300,000.00 invested in them ????

      The NDP is good at filling a tome for what they DON’T say because in this cause for PTSD they act as if it’s NEW because these jobs never existed before during all these years that men did them .
      The Police Services Board had data showing how female Officers have a 90% back-ups call for similar 9-1-1 request as the males that have a 25% tare for back-up calls.
      When the height standard was dropped and the age went from 25 to 21 and then forced the hiring of women to meet a quota , it gave us mini-Cops where we were told that Respecting the Uniform trumped the size of an Officer.
      Oh really , the older version had REAL Cops with guns that were expected to be bigger than the Mean Size for males as to defuse problems since they would be taller than 90% of the criminals or persons causing trouble.
      Now 90% the criminals and drunks are taller than the Officers and almost 100% taller than female cops. I reported a problem to a Officer when I flagged down a Police car where the Officer looked like a teenage girl behind the wheel in an over size shirt , she seemed shocked to be expected to deal with the issue . I saw her car drive a bit past the very tall man causing the problem and then sat there. I waited a few minutes and then another car pulled up behind her where I saw a really tall white male Cop get to talk to her.
      She ten got out and followed him as HE defused the issue.
      So what the hell are we paying someone to wear a Police costume and get $90,000.00 to drive around and report potential crime issue that I just did for free ????
      That’s not the only example but it got worse by the push to promote women to Sgt. Positions. Just last year I heard about a warning to dog walkers that green coloured bits of what might be poison for dogs to eat which was reported for a local park .
      Less than two hours later I’m at a Tim Horton’s that’s popular with the Police and I saw a Cruiser marked with the S-code. I walked over to get an update and had my coffee with me , inside was a female Sgt with a bullet proof vest and a gun …….I was about a meter away from the door and indicated I had a question and I couldn’t believe that she had the door locked and then lowered the window just enough to talk to me.
      The stuff that was found was food garbage from a diner where raccoons dragged it away and left it near some grass.

      But there was a Female SGT. Cop with a gun and at the Tim’s that was busy while she hid inside the car from a citizen holding a cup of coffee as if I was a threat. My gawd lady , that’s why the jobs pay almost $100,000.00 a year or more for her Position and that’s why her gun had real bullets ….to shot the bad people that are a threat, not to hide from them to avoid PTSD .

      Just wait until the Fire Fighters embrace Diversity and small women can’t carry the average size male or they start to see children and babies burned to death after the fir is out , or car crashes with dead children crushed where they sat.
      The recruitment Posters LIE to lure them in with fun stuff to be Cops at Street festivals and Parades plus cross walk duty.
      They don’t show the gore and blood from suicides and child-abuse cases.

  • When the Romans instituted democracy the idea was that they would build and fix public roads and bridges and aqueducts and stuff and collect taxes from the citizenry that was benefiting from the infrastructure in order to pay for it. They weren’t elected and collect taxes for the purpose of dictating everybody’s lives, because nobody would pay for something like that. That didn’t occur until almost 2,000 years later when the Communists came on the scene, October 1917.

  • LauraStephenson

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  • El Martyachi

    Only a Bannon/Garcia-Sanchez 2016 ticket can undo this.

    • Maurixio Villa-Lobos


  • Brett_McS

    So they want girls to be like boys. They really don’t like girls, do they?

    • Frances

      Apparently not – look at how they’re giving free rein to men and boys taking over women’s and girls’ bathrooms, shower stalls, and teams.

  • simus1

    So VJ’s bathroom at the Emperor Barry hangout practices what she preaches?
    Good thing to know.

  • simus1

    One thing that really disturbs me is that starting around 1975 most of my health needs have often been in the hands of keen freshly minted grads of both sexes many of whom have seemingly aged very quickly and not very gracefully within less than a decade.
    People, like our electrical appliances, don’t seem to be built to last these days. I can only imagine what it is doing to those in even more stressful vocations for which they are really unsuited.