Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund: An Appeal

Tommy Robinson - Enemy Of The State

Tommy Robinson – Enemy Of The State

Tommy’s next court appearance is on April 14. Based on what happened to him the last time he was imprisoned, if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive.

  • Brenda

    I’m surprised there isn’t a Europe-wide legal defense fund to deal with this type of situation. I doubt Tommy Robinson is unique.

    On a related topic, back in 2012 I donated to Elizabeth Sabaditsch Wolff’s legal defense fund so she could challenge her Austrian conviction for hate speech in the European Court of Human Rights. What happened to that? I vaguely remember her saying she was exploring the possibility of setting up a legal defense thingy of some kind to fight the Islamiization of Europe somehow.

    • We are not a unified front, that is the problem and likely never will be. Philosophical differences, ego or whatever gets in the way.

      Look at the disharmony between Spencer -Geller and the Daniel Pipes set, or how Diane West was excoriated by various parties over her book on communism.

      The EDL was pulled apart by internal frictions as much as anything.

      Within Canada the anti-jihad bloggers are relatively few in number, Vlad, me, Pointe-De Bascule, Poste de Vielle (Sp?), Xanthippa, Blogwrath and a few more though I can’t think of them off hand.

      I prefer to operate BCF as a Lone-Wolf blogger. I try to stay away from the sectarian wars.

      • I’m glad we’re not a united front. And that’s the one thing that unites many of us — pluralism.

        • Brett_McS


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Maybe someone here from the UK can help me.
    I;m trying to find exactly what charges that Tommy Robinson plead guilty to in his Mortgage Fraud conviction.
    I notice that in all of the newspaper accounts NONE of them say EXACTLY what that fraud was.
    I find this curious, quite curious.
    I assume that all of this matter is now public record.

    • Brett_McS

      It was for something that happens everyday in the Islamic part of Britain I’m sure, but which is not legal in the non-Islamic part: Loaning money to a relative to help them get a mortgage by making it appear that they have more money than they actually do.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        OK, that’s a start.
        Can I get the official charge that the Crown put forth?
        I have a pretty good background in the field and I wanted to see (if as Tommy says) this is a common thing, or if it was anything darker.
        I suspect not, or it would have been reported as such, but I’m just finding a black hole of information.

        • Brett_McS

          If you can find the details that would be very interesting to see. I am reading Tommy’s book at the moment but haven’t got to that part.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            If he talks about it in detail, I’d love to hear.
            To me anyways, this will finally put to rest (my current unknowing state) as to how far the Crown will go after someone like Tommy.
            I wish him luck, unless he did something particularly nasty, but which I suspect might have been little more than a technical violation that was blown all out of proportion, in order to get a conviction against an ‘undesirable’.

          • Brett_McS

            Will do.

            Sounds very much like the Dinesh D’Souza prosecution.

      • k1962

        That happens in Canada too!

        • I’ve seen a different twist on it here, probably legal. A wealthier relative “bought” the mortgage for the relative who no longer met the bank’s credit requirements. Hence the relative became creditor and charged HIGHER interest than the bank to the borrower relative (no favours because of blood). It actually seemed to work out well — banks we’re involved. Charging higher interest to a relative in this case kept it purely business-like, and was justified from a business point of view because of the risk factor.

          • k1962

            I know of the situation where relatives dump a lot of money in a person’s account and then once they are approved, they just give the money back.

            I think immigrants do that too.

  • bargogx1

    Is there no one in the media with the spine to call out the British government on this outrage?

  • bob e

    crunch time. tommy does not need to be a martyr for anything.
    if they manage to send him away, he will be murdered by
    muslims in jail. the fund being set up should also include
    money for protection in jail, if the crown insists in doing this.
    Tommy has said he doesn’t expect to live through another
    incarceration .. ‘eff me

  • Brett_McS

    I sent a donation via his website. I got a nice email from his wife “Mrs Robinson” (with the quotes). Heh!

  • Martin B

    “…if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive”

    No doubt that is exactly what Cameron & Co desire.

    • Doug Kursk

      There are leftist politicians (and, shamefully, some on the so called ‘right’) that are positively salivating at the idea of getting another crack at silencing Tommy.

  • simus1

    From a distance, Tommy Robinson tends to come across as a not overly smart, fearless reckless flake. One who barely listens to anybody else, even someone who is a lot more expert about something. An exciting, if not very credible, combination.

  • I sent a contribution. He certainly deserves to support.