The Politicization of the English Language

Last week, French President Francois Hollande met President Obama in Washington to discuss joint strategies for stopping the sort of radical Islamic terrorists who have killed dozens of innocents in Brussels, Paris and San Bernardino in recent months. Hollande at one point explicitly referred to the violence as “Islamist terrorism.”

The White House initially deleted that phrase from the audio translation of the official video of the Hollande-Obama meeting, only to restore it when questioned. Did the Obama administration assume that if the public could not hear the translation of the French president saying “Islamist terrorism,” then perhaps Hollande did not really say it — and therefore perhaps Islamist terrorism does not really exist?

  • Language has always been politicised.

    Now, people know better and just don’t care.

    • But never had it become the cottage industry it is today.

      • I remember some past squabbles about the use of the English language.

  • infedel

    barry sotero and the dnc crew is so jv

    • Clausewitz

      I’m thinking more grade three school yard. Not even close enough to being High School antics.

  • Gary

    Is Obama that stupid to think that nobody else on earth speaks French and that he could get away with altering a reference to quran/islamic terrorism and mass-slaughters????

    Someone should edit his speeches because at time he sounds as if he has a grade 6 level for English skills to pronounce ‘ for’ as fur , ‘and’ as just N , ‘going to’ as gunna , ‘ I’ll ‘ as all , plus he often makes a ‘T’ come out as a D such as being Ready coming out a ReTTy .
    I bet someone does use his script and voids all the sic’s to make him sound like what Joe Biden referred to as articulate educated and clean-cut Black person .
    Don’t get be going on Justin , this guy would never get past an audition for a Shakespeare play with his endless uh’s and running sentences in a monotone delivery with no point to them .
    People feared correcting him as a Trudeau which would ruin their careers in the Arts or getting a job at the CBC .