The London Spectator: How my disabled son has changed my mind about political correctness

Does no one else find this weird? I can’t speak to Simon Barnes’ childhood. Maybe Down Syndrome children were treated like freaks back in the day. Maybe. But was it really the nightmare landscape he’s describing? I honestly don’t know. Some of what he’s saying seems implausible to me. As if no one had ever heard of Down Syndrome kids, or ever met them.

Who were the people going into conniptions when they were shown a child who’d been born with some problems? People certainly had kids with birth defects – and far more often than now, in fact, what with abortion and all that – back in the day. In what social group was it unacceptable to acknowledge that you had a child with birth defects? I suspect that that was actually reasonably routine.

Notice how Barnes’ ideological position is entirely dependent upon his personal issues. Of course he writes for The Spectator. I suppose you could see The Spectator as a sort of British National Review: officially conservative but in reality Give Me A Break.

  • Sadly, it is only when people are personally affected that they do think of these issues.

  • I never witnessed such behavior myself.

  • Nan

    Imperfect children were sent to state run institutions. A woman at the nursing home complex mom was in, was in assisted living. She was developmentally delayed and had several scars on her face from surgery. I wasn’t sure what the problem was and wasn’t going to ask. One of our first conversations she said she’d been in a state hospital. I had the chance impression there was an eye out of place and it appeared there was also surgery on her nose. Lots of scarring.

  • Sid Falco

    Barnes is a spineless knob. He writes a lot about Cricket and a few years ago, when the Pakistani players were caught cheating, he wanted to brush it under the carpet “because in this current political climate…”. Wanker.

  • Frances

    Back in the day – and my day was before his – we were taught to be polite to and respect everyone, regardless of disability. Our elementary school even had a special class for the Down’s syndrome (then I think the term was “mongoloid”) kids and others with disabilities. They were just there among us.

  • Gary

    Biology Science has found the Down-syndrome DNA marker and it was intended to prepare the Mother or guardians prior the birth so they found al the Social Services and community supports.
    But Liberalism hijacked this test as part of forming the Perfect society with eugenics to the point where 80% of the babies and victims of Abortions to stop them from ever being born. Justin had shown his support for the new Gender-cide Abortions to BROWN female babies to get the South Asian Votes pre-Election. Meanwhile we are expected to tolerate the Feminazi’s and Homofascists or the Mental Disorder victims known as Liberalism.
    As Computers increase in processing power to decode the DNA chain to find Trait-Markers for rebellion or sexual-preference , I had predicted that homosexuals will rue the day they marched with pro-choice groups when the Sexual-preference Marker is found and it also breaks down the same-sex attraction to make Gender-cide Abortions now happen to Lesbians as Homo-cide abortion to nearly wipe out the gay communities and make gay rights and their Parades pointless .
    Where was Barbara Hall when abortions were killing female babies, where was Louise Arbour and the SCOC on that issue and how do they feel on Abortion for Down-syndrome humans , because if they don’t denounce the current babies having to qualify to be born by some Mothers it will be pretty tough for SCOC Judge Arbour and her New-Found gay-rights to suddenly want Abortion Laws as if Homosexuals have a higher value that a Down Syndrome Human ….or Females in the South Asian Community .

    Watch the Movie GATTACA ( acronyms for the 4 Amino acids in the DNA chain that are bonded by sugar (ose ) in the double helix) to see the future in a Liberal utopia .
    Jude Law plays a gifted Olympic super star with several Medal but in the end he kills him self as a failure and burden on Society from a failed suicide earlier where he lost the use of his legs and is in a wheel chair. Disabled people are rare in the future because they don’t qualify to be born in the Liberals utopia of a just Society of equality for high IQ’s and near perfect bodies.

    Don’t think that Law’s suicide is rare , the Garbage incinerator he gets into is in every home and if you pay attention he pushes a button Inside to self immolate. Human that lose their value are seen a garbage and are expected to end that lives for the betterment of the collective.
    The movie Score has a theme based on a Piano piece written for a Genetic defect for humans that have 6 fingers per hand . Somehow , being in the Arts as a Musician to entertain the Master-Race get a pass just like the Musicians in the death camps were spared ( killed last ) if they performed for the nazi death camp leaders.

    Justin and Arbour are driven by good intentions , but their Mental Disorder
    not only has made their conscience numb to the harm they inflict on those they rescue but they have no foresight ability to hear the alarm bells from people with foresight to point out the harm .

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I assume he’s talking about the ridiculous movement to forcibly remove the words “retard” and “retarded” forever from the human lexicon because supposedly they are “hurtful” to disabled people even though they may have never had the words applied to them in their lives. I remember the young person with Down’s Syndrome who scolded Ann Coulter for a tweet referring to President Obama as “the retard”, not for showing such disrespect to the president, but for using the “r” word. Is it really such a personal injury to a person with Down’s Syndrome when someone somewhere in the world calls a person they don’t like a “retard”, or someone describes a thing he or she doesn’t like as “retarded”? I’ve been called a “bitch” many times in my life, but I don’t crumble whenever I hear that word. I wonder why there has never been a similar movement to get rid of the word “idiot”, which was what mentally disabled children were called before the term was eclipsed by “retarded”.