The Four Foundational Dilemmas in Fighting Radical Islamic Terrorism

Maybe Donald Trump has a point

Stripped of political correctness, legality and morality, and viewed strictly from a risk management perspective, closing America’s borders to Muslims (à la Donald Trump) and enhancing surveillance of Muslims within the U.S. (à la Ted Cruz) is likely to reduce the probability of attacks by Islamic terrorists. Therein lies a tale—and four foundational dilemmas—now tearing at the fabric of American life, based on a set of ideals that may no longer be suited for modern times.

  • truepeers

    These are not dilemmas when you know, really know, that those who will call you racist are not really defending “American values” but are rather committed to the destruction of America. When your response to the charge of “racism” isnt’t to point out that Islam is not a race, or to argue that the correct definition of racism is biological, not cultural, discrimination, but rather simply to declare, “I don’t care!” In other words, you declare that everything about the SJWs’ victim games is destructive of any and all actual, working institutions and you are not going to bow to them or compromise with them in any way with “yes, but” apologies. And, if you don’t know how to articulate this stance in coherent sentences, then you may start to look like Trump.

    • luna

      Trump is running out of steam.

  • luna

    In this stark world, bombings, beheadings and other extreme forms of terrorism are not meant to bend an enemy to one’s will—there are no concrete demands Islamic extremists are making that America or Europe can meet. Rather, the goal is simply pure, unadulterated and paralyzing terror so that the extremists can gain political control of communities, countries and eventually the world.

  • Shebel

    I don’t see much of a problem .
    Muslims indoctrinate their young to die with promises of Virgins
    We oldie Goldies are looking forward to a death of pain or euthanasia.
    We are going to be the majority in Canada .
    Utilize us ! Gives a reason to die. . Something to be proud of.
    Piick someone that needs to meet their fucking Prophet.

  • Sleepyjohn

    The Oberver asks: “What’s a civil liberties-loving country to do?”

    I should have thought the answer was glaringly obvious – whatever it takes to preserve those much-loved civil liberties. Such as removing anyone who tries to destroy them.

    • H

      It’s a truism to say it, but America has been “a civil-liberties” loving country because its people generally were. So when you import large numbers of individuals who have no particular interest in freedom or commitment to it, who indeed have no tradition of it in their own original cultures, your country will naturally begin to lose its love of liberty: the very makeup of the nation will be changed in a way that makes this inevitable. Laws like the First Amendment, no matter how skillfully written, or how fair and just, only work if the people are willing to abide by them; but the majority of Muslim immigrants are not inclined to.

  • Malcolm Y

    Because the governing philosophy and the constitution of the United States is based on Anglo-Saxon traditions and society.

    The clan-based violent “religion”- addled rag heads are the opposite but they can use the tools provided them to destroy us.

    The only lasting solution is eliminating them.