Report: America’s Western Power Grid Is Totally Vulnerable To Attacks

Transformer over orange sky

Grid security has become a major focus for national defense officials in recent years as they worry about hackers causing massive blackouts. Such fears aren’t completely unfounded. Russian hackers recently broke into Ukraine’s electric grid and caused power outages.

Federal officials are also worried about physical attacks on the electric grid, which some fear is vulnerable to attack. Lawmakers share this worry too, especially in the wake of a sniper attack on a California substation in 2013.

  • If they get hacked it’s their own fault. They should never have displaced the old systems with 100% electronic-based, computerized systems. The old electro-mechanical systems should have been maintained as back-ups precisely for such an emergency. That’s why the Third World will survive in a situation like that, and we won’t. They have both.

    • El Martyachi

      That and the 3rd world is psychologically prepared for basic hardships that we are not.,

  • Gary

    Isn’t this a sad statement for the immigration system or Humans in general that the USA and Canada will now have to build fences and Internet Security system
    along with bars on our home windows because of the Liberalism to wilfully inject a virus or toxin in the body to kill the host from within .
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    So , islam has people in Canada that want to kill us but even when we try to defend our self after a jihad slaughter it creates new terrorists that will still want to kill us as revenge for not accepting islamic jihad to submit or die.
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  • Brett_McS

    The big transformers in these substations are all custom built. There is absolutely no backup stock of them available. If someone destroys one it could require months to get a replacement. Not an ideal situation.

    • Life can be returned to the eighteenth century in the space of an hour.

      And not one person in charge seems to care.

  • Blind Druid

    The absolute biggest threat of all is an EMP attack. Electro-Magnetic Pulse from a very large high altitude nuclear detonation. Our infrastructure will be totally disabled. With no electrical supply, our society will quickly devolve into crude survival of the fittest. You will need a self sufficient living space, with long term supplies, and weapons to protect you from other humans. The Preppers have this stuff right. I’m too old to care and I got no kids.