Our Amazing Capacity for Self-Deception

Two years after the Islamic jihadist attack on the World Trade Center, a book appeared which purported to reveal a conspiracy to cover up the truth about a major world religion. According to the book, powerful people, both inside and outside this male-dominated, woman-hating religion, had conspired to falsely represent it as a religion of piety and peace.

At the time, the book and its author were widely hailed for finally breaking through the code of silence that had long protected this ancient institution from criticism.

Islam? Er, no.

  • Alain

    Is anyone surprised? I mean anyone who is not a brain-dead, agenda-driven marxist.

  • Brenda

    When the Da Vinci Code came out, there was a protest in India (I think) where people marched chanting “the Da Vinci Code is nothing but a work of fiction!”

    Jokes aside, this is just Catholics whining again.
    The tragic thing is that they don’t really condemn the fatwa against Rushdie and other forms of homicidal Muslim insanity, they’re just jealous that Catholics can’t command the same unquestioning murderous loyalty.

  • Very good article. The correlation he mentions is I think objectively true:
    “As Europeans started to lose their faith, they stopped having babies. They stopped having babies because they had nothing meaningful to pass on to the next generation—and also because babies get in the way of self-gratification. The decline of Christianity in Europe created a population vacuum and a spiritual vacuum, both of which Islam soon began to fill. If Christian faith had been more robust in Europe, it is unlikely that radical Islam would have advanced so far, so fast.”