Open Letter to the Edinburgh University Students’ Association

“No one holds meetings to call for reform in Islamic states. Instead, people like yourselves pass resolutions condemning the only country that defends those rights for all its citizens and visitors.”

  • Alain

    Kudos to him for such an awesome letter.

  • Brian Jones

    I think it’s time for a little payback on these BDS schools. We can’t impose sanctions, but we can boycott by not attending/not sending our kids there, and alumni can divest by not donating.

    And go on record: every time the alumni association asks for funding, reply in writing that they won’t get a dime from you until they repeal the BDS BS.

    I’d even go so far as to troll them for admissions: let your kid apply, and then when you get the acceptance offer letter, reply turning them down and make it clear it’s because of their BDS policies.

    Bonus points if the kid is the kind of genius or athlete that gets offered scholarships, because the schools want those kids badly for their own glory. Finding out that they’re getting shunned because of this BDS nonsense might well eventually turn the tide with the administration if enough parents and alumni do it.

    Edited to add: Mizzou’s low enrollment this year and drastic reduction in donations is proof that the message does eventually start to get through.

    • Justin St.Denis

      And just wait until those 2015 and 2016 Mizzou diplomas hit the labor market! Employers and head hunters are NOT looking favourably on Mizzou credentials. It will take years to regain its credibility……

  • Millie_Woods

    I firmly believe that most, if not all, universities that are active in the BDS movement are afraid not support it. Saudi money buys loyalty from administrators and professors while the presence of potentially violent Muslim student associations on campus serves to cow students into supporting their agenda or at least not opposing it. IMHO.

    • Justin St.Denis

      IMHO, your honest opinion is probably smack on! 😉

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In fact, not one BDS resolution passed by a student body in the U.S. has ever been implemented by a university administration. (See More and more state legislatures are enacting laws outlawing this agenda.

  • bob e

    excellente .. BCF

  • Justin St.Denis

    An absolutely brilliant letter. Unfortunately, it would take the average contemporary university student over a month to read the letter, and likely more than a month to understand what the letter says. Yes, things are that bad, and the 18-to-30 set are, for all intents and purposes, only functionally literate at best. That means they might be able to successfully follow a recipe on the back of a Betty Crocker cake mix box. There are few exceptions to this rule, naturally, but they comprise an alarmingly small percentage of their demographic. Check it out for yourself and get depressed.