Hard War

Western civilization is immolating itself on the sword of political correctness. Our leaders fail to recognize the existential threat that we now face and are unwilling to take the decisive actions necessary to combat the threat of radical jihadist Islamists.

Leadership on both sides of the political spectrum refuse to identify how we might counter this threat. This is not necessarily a new type of threat that we have not experienced before. However, what is new is our refusal to properly utilize the tools at our disposal to combat this threat.

  • Well written and straight to the point.

    • Yup. We have to learn not to give a damn about the faint hearted.

      • FactsWillOut

        The decline of the west is a strictly urban phenomena in NA.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Maybe there is no intention to stop radical Islam.
    Maybe at some level THEY feel we deserve a dose of it.
    MAYBE we better get little rugs and a clear marker showing the right direction and times to use it.

    • Gary

      Justin now wants to get rid of the English and French standards to get your Citizenship and drop the Time requirement to 3 year while you don’t have to be in Canada the whole time .

      Sounds to me like he and Obama cut a deal to ease the illegal crisis and send millions to Canada with No English skills . Once Hillary bankrupts the USA and the FREE money stops…..millions will pour into Canada for fake refugee claims.
      Justin already opened the door to Mexican’s that can now make refugee claims and reversed Harpers VISA requirement after we were flooded with 30,000 that LIED to get in as Tourists and then made refugee claims.
      In just one year 12,000 came in and then the word got out back home and 18,000 more followed.

      The Old Canada is dead, the Toronto I knew from the early 1960’s no longer exists. We could have normally morphed into the current society for Human Rights and tolerance as we see for other Nations that have a Cultural ID…..but Liberalism sells a False-Reality of utopic Societies when it has a 60+ cluster of people tied to a past Nationality/Culture of which created over 100 Languages that is to enrich us and learn from each other.
      In reality , you just need to go to City Hall and look at the Council to see each District being Self-segregated Minorities , or White areas, that Elected a bilingual person to fight for THEIR needs while being funded by the Collective .
      Toronto is NOT Canada , it’s now a City of Nations and races that will fight each other one day as it keeps going deeper into Debt and will upset many Minority groups as the Money tap get shut off.

      Justin’s new Immigration plan will food Toronto with more muslim refugees and Immigrants that speak Arabic only or Pakistani muslims with no English/French skills along with South and central American’s but not actual American background people.
      Louise Arbour won’t come out of her fog and slumber until the barbarians show up on her Street as we saw for Wynne by those racist thugs in BLM that threaten violence.

      Islam WILL dominate in Toronto because all other groups don’t produce suicide-bombers or follow through with threats. No wander Paul Martin hid his wealth outside of Canada and can just jump on a CSL ship when Canada implodes in to a 3rd World hell-hole .