France’s Macron launches new political movement as election looms

“I have decided to create a new political movement,” the 38-year old minister told a gathering in his hometown of Amiens, northern France, unveiling the name of a group called “En Marche!”, or “Forward!”.

“I’m in a left-wing government, unashamedly, … but I also want to work with people from the right, who commit to the same values,” he said at the event, which was closed to the press but broadcast on Dailymotion, a French internet video service along the lines of YouTube.

  • Shebel

    You are French. Play your own game. .

  • Good luck with that.

  • Alain

    That is not a “new” political movement at all. It is just the same other than a different name. The only exception is the party headed by LePen.

    • glasnost

      Agreed. As long as movements are described in terms of “left-center-right” there is nothing new about them. What’s needed is to invite the silent majority to act against the abomination called “political correctness” and its evil spawn “multiculturalism” and “unfettered immigration”. Just like Donald Trump is attempting in the USA – whether you like him or not, he’s leading a new political movement.